Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to Smudge Proof Your Makeup

Smudge-proof makeup tips
Smudge-proof makeup tips
Summer heat and sweaty skin can cause any makeup to run down your face.  The following are easy tips to make your makeup stay-put and look gorgeous.

1.   You always should moisturize before applying makeup.  But moisturizing often promotes melting of eyeliner and even makes it hard to apply makeup.  During summer, opt for a oil-free moisturizer.

2. Use a primer.  Cleure Toner helps makeup stay in place.  Just spray on your face, and let air dry before applying makeup.

3.  Use a lipliner first, then your lipstick.  Blot your lipstick by pressing your lips between tissue paper.  This removes excess oil.

4.  Finish off by dusting on a rice powder on your face.  Mineral finishing powder not only helps your makeup stay-put, it also leaves your skin free of shine and flawless.

5.  To prevent your eyeliner melting and looking like you're ready for Halloween, try a loose mineral or pressed eye shadow powder to line your eyes.  Many eye pencils contain oils that may run down your face.  Use a thin brush made specially for eyeliner to to shape your eye brows.

6.  Another trick to keep your eyeliner from running down your face, is to apply concealer under your eyes.  This forms a barrier to help keep it in place.

7.  On hot days, cool your face with an ice cube to your face before applying makeup.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Simple Remedies for Sensitive Problem Skin

Remedies for sensitive problem skin
Remedies for sensitive problem skin 
If you have problem skin, you most likely also have sensitive skin. This means your skin may flare up with itching, redness and other symptoms with little effort on your part. Knowing and following a few simple skin facts, can help prevent sensitive skin problems.

The most important fact is that your skin absorbs what is applied to it, including skin care and cosmetics. You may only be experiencing one or two specific reactions on your skin or multiple. This article will help you learn about problem skin care and how to prevent sensitive skin from becoming a problem.

You're Not Alone
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "It is estimated that more than 13 million people in the United States are potentially exposed to chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin.  Dermal exposure to hazardous agents can result in a variety of diseases and disorders, including skin diseases and systemic toxicity." These potentially irritating or even toxic ingredients may be in every day used skin care, personal care or cosmetics.

Warning About What's on Store ShelvesStores are filled with products promising clear, youthful, problem-free skin.  Once you buy, you realize it was just a pipe dream. All skin should be treated as if it's sensitive and very delicate.

The spaces between your skin cells are filled with substances such as fats, oils or waxes known as lipids.  Chemicals can penetrate your skin through these lipid-filled spaces as you apply a product to the surface of your skin.  A second way is that chemicals are absorbed from cell-to-cell. And a third pathway is through your body glands or hair follicles. Ingredients in products that are applied to your skin are absorbed as they are transported from the outer surface of the skin into the skin and the body via one of these three pathways. How much or how fast ingredients are absorbed depends on the following:
  • If your skin is damaged
  • How hydrated or dry your skin is
  • How irritating or hazardous the ingredient is
  • How often you apply the chemical or ingredient
Absorbed Irritating Ingredients 
Some of these irritating ingredients found in many brands include the following.  Environmental Working Group, a non-profit consumer advocacy group, has a more complete list on their website,  They list safer products on their Skin Deep website.
  • Salicylic acid
  • Retinol
  • Parabens
  • Plant extracts
  • Herbal ingredients
  • Essential oils
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Lanolin
  • Mineral oil
  • Petroleum based ingredients
  • Fragrance
Problem skin can include symptoms of:
  • Itching
  • Pain, burning
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Small blisters, pimples, acne
  • Dry, flaky, scaly skin 
There are a variety of types of problem skin:
  1. Contact dermatitis - If caused by an irritating ingredient (irritant contact dermatitis), your skin will appear inflamed whenever you use the product.  With an allergic contact dermatitis, the ingredient affects your immune system which is then triggered to respond causing symptoms to your skin. 
  2. Rosacea - Your skin may appear flushed, break out with pimples and appear red with this type of problem skin.  Dermatologists don't know the cause, but harsh acidic types of ingredients should be avoided.
  3. Burning and stinging - Again the cause is not known, but dermatologists know certain harsh ingredients contribute to burning and stinging.
  4. Acne - Oily skin with clogged pores can result in acne.  As dead cells build up and skin is not cleaned properly, bacteria builds up causing problem skin.
Simple Remedies to Help Reduce Problem Skin
To help improve problem skin, what you use and apply to your skin frequently is very important. Sensitive skin care products should be formulated to help bring about the health of your skin free of irritating and harsh natural or chemical ingredients.
  • Clean your face with a gentle cleanser suited for your skin type.  Wash gently and don't rub.  Remember your skin is delicate.
  • Moisturize with sensitive skin moisturizer.  
  • Protect your skin from the sun with a natural sunscreen (up to SPF 30 is all that's needed) that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for active ingredients.  
  • Use mineral based cosmetics 
Cleure skin care and personal care products are gluten free, botanical free, salicylate free, paraben free and fragrance free to help bring about healthy, youthful, and radiant skin naturally.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hollywood Makeup Tricks That Really Work

Hollywood glamour tips
Hollywood glamour tips
Believe it or not, most Hollywood actresses look very ordinary without their makeup.  Every now and then, a photo or two can be seen of a glamorous actress in gossip magazines showing the way they really look.  Yes, you too can look glamorous with the right makeup tricks.  A word of warning is to always use sensitive skin care and makeup products to help prevent irritation from harsh ingredients many brands contain.

Tricks of the Trade: How They Do It

Red carpet worthy face, does not come cheap.  Many Hollywood actresses use injectable fillers, Botox, laser and even go under the knife to beautify.  These methods are expensive and can have side effects.

Tricks of the Trade: How You Can Do It

To help produce your red carpet look, follow the tips listed below:

1.  The latest product Hollywood makeup artists love to use is primer to help close pores. This helps leave a smooth finish on your skin.  A silicone based sensitive skin toner will accomplish this beautifully.

After using a sensitive skin cleanser for your skin type, splash on the toner and let it set in for a few minutes.  Follow with your makeup.  Finish your makeup by applying Rice Veil, a finishing powder made with rice powder.  This gives a flawless finish, reduces pores and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day.

2.  If you have puffy bags under your eyes, apply ice wrapped in a soft wash cloth against the area.

3.  To cover under eye dark circles or scars, dab (never rub) one layer at a time of a sensitive skin concealer .  A yellow based concealer helps neutralize darkness better, or use a slightly lighter one than your skin tone.  Remember to blend and never rub in.  Follow with another and another layer, until the imperfection disappears.

4. For a softer look, use a loose mineral eye shadow for your eyeliner and eye brows.  Use a shade or two lighter than your hair.  Top with a light touch of emu oil to keep eye brows in place.

5.  For a sun-glow without the damage of sun exposure, use a natural powder bronzer.  Apply it with a kabuki brush and feather it in to the hairline and your neck.

An Ounce of Prevention

The best way to have a youthful, beautiful look is to take care of your skin from inside out:

1.  Stay out of the sun, or use a sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block UVA & UVB rays.

2.  Practice makes perfect.  Keep practicing different makeup applications and shades, to get the look you want for day or night.

3.  Use anti aging products with non-irritating ingredients such as hyaluronate instead of retinol, which can irritate.

4.  Live a healthy lifestyle balanced with exercise, nutritious foods and lots of laughter.

Sensitive skin make
Sensitive skin make