Monday, May 5, 2014

Habits That Could be Damaging Your Hair

Habits That Could be Damaging Your Hair
You may not realize it, but your hair is your most important natural accessory. It helps you look and feel good, frames your face and can be styled in countless ways to compliment your daily look. However, many times, you may not treat your hair as if it was number one. And we get it — it’s not always a conscious decision, so we’ve assembled a helpful Polyvore set of hair products that can help you break these harmful habits listed below:
Excessive Use of Hot Tools
Naturally, your hair was made to stay in whatever form you woke up in every day – instead of being battered into submission by a range of hot tools like it normally is. Excessive heat damages your hair strands and follicles by drying them out which, in turn, causes your cuticles to become brittle and break off. Some tips when it’s unavoidable to apply the use of hot tools like curlers, straight irons and blow dryers are:
  • Use the absolute minimum amount of heat possible, and try not to use more than one tool per sitting. Steam rollers (2) are a great alternative to regular hot rollers or curlers, because they bring moisture back in.
  • Try to avoid your roots and tips. They are the most prone to breakage and damaging them can cause further breakage throughout the rest of your hair.
  • Always use a heat protectant product that nourishes as they work and preferably holds UV ray shielding properties – seeing as how overexposure to the sun can damage your hair as well. For the beating summer heat, Panama hats (1) are back in style and would be a useful and fashionable way to protect your hair.
Tight Hairstyles
Wearing a ponytail/updo every day or wearing it the same way every single time can cause tension in your strands and roots. This tension, first of all, can cause strands to snap off or eventually lead to hair loss due to inflammation of the roots. Mix it up by trying different hairstyles every now and then! Cleure’s Natural Hair Gel (4) can help you style your hair in any way you desire with the added benefit of being free of harsh chemicals that can damage your hair.
Wrong Hair Ties
Thick, narrow hair ties and those with metal fasteners are the worst choices for accessorizing your hair. The tight pull of the material puts your hair strands under an immense amount of stress that can cause breakage and irritation or, quite simply, tear your hair out when removing the hair tie. A great replacement would be some no-tug, ribbon hair ties (8) that cause less duress to your hair.
Rough Wet Hair Care
Your hair has a different set of rules when it’s wet. Water causes your hair cuticles to swell and stretch out, making them much more fragile and susceptible to damage under any tension you may put onto it. Some tips to handle wet hair are:
  • Use shampoo (6) and conditioner (7) that thoroughly moisturize your hair. Depending on your hair, some of the chemical content in certain brands can actually dehydrate your strands. Be sure to use hair care products that are free of potentially irritating ingredients like SLS, as well.
  • If you opt to towel-dry, make sure not to rub your hair too hard.
  • Stay away from boar bristle brushes or anything with bristles that are very close together when detangling wet hair. Use a wide tooth comb (3) or a large paddle brush to give your hair the necessary breathing room when detangling.
Long Breaks Between Haircuts
When you go too long without a haircut, you may notice the gradual appearance of split ends. These can only be remedied by being trimmed, because left alone, split ends will only get worse by advancing up the hair shaft. This will cause your hair to be (and look) weak and unhealthy.
Although your hair may seem strong and impervious, it requires as much care and attention as your skin. For overall care, we love applying Emu Oil (5) two-three times a week to moisturize and decrease dandruff in the scalp. Share your healthy hair habits with us in the comments!
What’s your favorite way to protect your hair? Let us know in the comments below!