Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to Smudge Proof Your Makeup

Smudge-proof makeup tips
Smudge-proof makeup tips
Summer heat and sweaty skin can cause any makeup to run down your face.  The following are easy tips to make your makeup stay-put and look gorgeous.

1.   You always should moisturize before applying makeup.  But moisturizing often promotes melting of eyeliner and even makes it hard to apply makeup.  During summer, opt for a oil-free moisturizer.

2. Use a primer.  Cleure Toner helps makeup stay in place.  Just spray on your face, and let air dry before applying makeup.

3.  Use a lipliner first, then your lipstick.  Blot your lipstick by pressing your lips between tissue paper.  This removes excess oil.

4.  Finish off by dusting on a rice powder on your face.  Mineral finishing powder not only helps your makeup stay-put, it also leaves your skin free of shine and flawless.

5.  To prevent your eyeliner melting and looking like you're ready for Halloween, try a loose mineral or pressed eye shadow powder to line your eyes.  Many eye pencils contain oils that may run down your face.  Use a thin brush made specially for eyeliner to to shape your eye brows.

6.  Another trick to keep your eyeliner from running down your face, is to apply concealer under your eyes.  This forms a barrier to help keep it in place.

7.  On hot days, cool your face with an ice cube to your face before applying makeup.

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