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Hollywood Makeup Tricks That Really Work

Hollywood glamour tips
Hollywood glamour tips
Believe it or not, most Hollywood actresses look very ordinary without their makeup.  Every now and then, a photo or two can be seen of a glamorous actress in gossip magazines showing the way they really look.  Yes, you too can look glamorous with the right makeup tricks.  A word of warning is to always use sensitive skin care and makeup products to help prevent irritation from harsh ingredients many brands contain.

Tricks of the Trade: How They Do It

Red carpet worthy face, does not come cheap.  Many Hollywood actresses use injectable fillers, Botox, laser and even go under the knife to beautify.  These methods are expensive and can have side effects.

Tricks of the Trade: How You Can Do It

To help produce your red carpet look, follow the tips listed below:

1.  The latest product Hollywood makeup artists love to use is primer to help close pores. This helps leave a smooth finish on your skin.  A silicone based sensitive skin toner will accomplish this beautifully.

After using a sensitive skin cleanser for your skin type, splash on the toner and let it set in for a few minutes.  Follow with your makeup.  Finish your makeup by applying Rice Veil, a finishing powder made with rice powder.  This gives a flawless finish, reduces pores and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day.

2.  If you have puffy bags under your eyes, apply ice wrapped in a soft wash cloth against the area.

3.  To cover under eye dark circles or scars, dab (never rub) one layer at a time of a sensitive skin concealer .  A yellow based concealer helps neutralize darkness better, or use a slightly lighter one than your skin tone.  Remember to blend and never rub in.  Follow with another and another layer, until the imperfection disappears.

4. For a softer look, use a loose mineral eye shadow for your eyeliner and eye brows.  Use a shade or two lighter than your hair.  Top with a light touch of emu oil to keep eye brows in place.

5.  For a sun-glow without the damage of sun exposure, use a natural powder bronzer.  Apply it with a kabuki brush and feather it in to the hairline and your neck.

An Ounce of Prevention

The best way to have a youthful, beautiful look is to take care of your skin from inside out:

1.  Stay out of the sun, or use a sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block UVA & UVB rays.

2.  Practice makes perfect.  Keep practicing different makeup applications and shades, to get the look you want for day or night.

3.  Use anti aging products with non-irritating ingredients such as hyaluronate instead of retinol, which can irritate.

4.  Live a healthy lifestyle balanced with exercise, nutritious foods and lots of laughter.

Sensitive skin make
Sensitive skin make

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