Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why You Should Start Early to Prevent Wrinkles

Prevent Wrinkles
Many people probably wonder when exactly they should start looking into an anti-aging skin care regimen. Are your 20s too early? If you wait till your 40s, will that be too late? The answer is simple. You should start as early as possible. Now, this doesn’t mean subjecting your skin to rigorous procedures like Botox or chemical peels. We simply mean that you should take preventative measures based on your age, skin type and lifestyle, whether those methods be through commercial products like anti-aging creams or more natural decisions like wearing a hat out in the sun.

What many young women don’t even realize is that all of those daily activities and emotions contribute to the emergence of wrinkles. Having a picnic outside, frowning too much, sleeping on the sides of your face, flirting, laughing and just living life causes wrinkles. However, the biggest wrinkle-inducing culprit of them all is not age, it’s the sun. Any average Joe or Jane will experience sun exposure at least once per day, and any unprotected exposure to its powerful UV rays will be a detriment to your skin. These rays are so powerful that they reach past cloudy skies, tinted windshields and even the cold of winter. Other factors that cause to the degeneration of your skin cells are skin inflammation/irritation, cellular oxidation from the sun & pollution and other environmental factors.

With daily skin care maintenance, you lower the risk of experiencing health complications such as skin cancer, infections or diseases on top of adding the benefits of healthier and smoother looking skin. The worst thing you can do when trying to prevent visible aging is ignore your skin. Just like receiving a flu shot to avoid catching the flu, you should take care of your skin to prevent future health issues or skin degradation. And in terms of when to start investing in specific anti-aging products, it usually depends on your skin type. The drier your skin, the earlier you should start; the more oily your skin, the later you can push it back. If your skin type is focused towards the middle, called combination skin, you should start considering use of these products in your early to mid 20s.

At Cleure, we offer a few products for basic skin care and wrinkle prevention:
Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen
SPF 15 & 30 with safe and natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide
Made with 100% shea butter
Deflects and blocks the sun’s rays
Choose for dry, oily or combination skin
Gently lift away makeup and debris
All-in-one face and body wash
Helps reduce and prevent acne, or dry skin
Moisturizer for Day and Night
Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins for healthy, radiant skin
Hydrates and revitalizes with added shea butter
Not comedogenic - does not clog pores
Eye Repair Gel
With sodium hyaluronate to gently help boost elasticity and hydration
Fruit acids (gentler form of glycolic acid) help retain moisture to help your skin feel smooth and soft
With gentle care and daily attention, you’ll notice a healthier and more gradual aging process take place. The less you neglect your skin now, the less you’ll have to worry about reversing the aging process in the future.

How do you protect your skin? Let us know in the comments!

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