Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fun Nail Polish Ideas for Spring

Spring is here, which means now is the time to update your nail polish for the new season. This time of the year is great for trying out new trends and shades, so you can find something that’s totally you.
There are a few big trends already emerging this spring, and they look like so much fun:
  • Stripes — Add a base coat in whatever nail polish color you’d like and then pick a contrasting color to stripe across it. Try vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes to find a look that’s completely yours.
  • Subtle Ombré — Remember the ombré trend that took the nail polish world by storm last year? Well, it’s back and it’s a little more subdued. Find two shades that aren’t too different from one another and bring the ombré trend back.
  • Sparkle and Shimmer — There’s no better time to shimmer than spring! As with the ombré trend, you’ll want to keep this style subdued. Opt for a polish with a soft shimmer, like our All that Glitters nail polish, and add a little style to your next cocktail hour.
Fun Nail Polish Ideas for Spring
Try these colors this spring for a look that’s on-trend while still offering enough customizability to be as unique as you are:
  • Skin-Toned — Find a high-gloss polish that’s a close match to your skin tone, and flaunt those stunning nails!
  • Bright Shades — Let your nails do all the talking with bright colors that attract attention from across the room.
  • Pastel — Celebrate Easter with nails that resemble colorful Easter eggs. You can make this style all yours by trying a different color on each finger or keeping them all one shade.
  • Blue-Green — Create an under-the-sea look by blending blue and green into a dreamy spring shade.
Don’t forget, healthy nails are beautiful nails, so be sure to give your nails all of the nutrition and hydration they need. Body care products such as emu oil can help you soften your nail beds and keep your skin and nails healthy.
What nail trends are you most looking forward to this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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