Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 Steps to Youthful Skin While You Sleep

Steps to Youthful Skin While You Sleep
Most people in their 20s are very care free about skin care. Searching for the right anti aging skin creams, sunscreens and facials are typically just not a priority.  Like everything else in life, skin changes as we get older, and so do priorities.   
As we reach thirty, wrinkles may start to appear.  Don't be dismayed and upset about those fine lines starting to show or that have already appeared.  You can help rejuvenate your skin at any age, and slow down the aging process, during night time sleep.  Learn 3 simple steps below that can help transform your skin to a youthful glow, while you sleep.  

What We Know About Aging Skin
Aging skin tends to become more sensitive and:
  • thinner, making dark circles around the eyes more visible 
  • tends to sag
  • becomes dryer 
  • and of course, wrinkles appear 
How well you took care of your skin during your younger years, will affect how quickly or slowly your skin ages. Sun exposure, what you eat, smoking, alcohol, stress and your daily skin routine can all affect your skin health.

Skin Care While You Sleep
Aging skin needs care all year round.  Night time is an excellent opportunity to give an extra boost to your anti aging skincare.

What you want is your skin to:
1.  Be clean
  • First clean your skin with a gentle lotion cleanser.  
  • Make sure your cleanser is free of SLS (irritating soap ingredient).  A lotion cleanser will not dry your skin of natural oils.  Harsh irritating ingredients will bring about aging, sensitive and problem skin.
  • Removing dirt, makeup and environmental pollutants is vital to healthy, youthful skin.  A clean complexion removes dead cells and allows new cells to surface.
 What you want is your skin to:
2.  Become smooth and stay hydrated and soft.
  • Next moisturize with a night time deep anti aging moisturizer with anti-oxidants and alpha lipoic acid.  
  • These substances strengthen the skin's barrier wall and help prevent damage by fighting premature aging factors called free radicals.
 What you want is your skin to:
3.  Have an even skin tone, be firm and bright instead of dull looking.
  • Finish by applying a face or under eye repair gel with rebuilding properties of sodium hyaluronate.  This gently helps boost elasticity by promoting collagen and stimulating elastin to encourage new cells from surfacing.
  • Sodium hyaluronate is natural occurring and non-toxic and is a powerful anti aging ingredient in skin care.
  • As old cells accumulate on the surface, you'll notice clogged pores and a dull complexion. As new cells surface, you help minimize appearance of imperfections and skin appears radiant, 
  • Stay away from retinols in anti aging skin care.  Although it has anti-wrinkle properties, the most common side effect of retinoids is irritation which may result in on-going sensitive skin.  Your skin may turn red, flake, peel and become very dry. It can also produce sun sensitivity.

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