Friday, January 3, 2014

Help for Winter Dry Skin Blues

Emu Oil
If you have dry skin, winter will magnify the problems associated with this condition.  You may notice your skin getting cracked, itchy and uncomfortable. Freezing temperatures, dry air from your heater blasting in every room, and low moisture in the air, can cause your skin to appear drier and not healthy at all.  Protecting your skin properly during winter, can help keep your skin healthy all year long.Helpful Tips for Winter Skin
The following steps will help you prevent winter skin blues. Whether you have heathy or sensitive skin, the tips will keep your skin from getting too dry during winter months.

  • A portable humidifier can help prevent over drying of the environment and add moisture to the air.
  • The right dry skin moisturizer goes a long way towards helping your skin maintain hydration.  Emu oil is wonderful for dry skin and it won't leave a greasy feel residue. Shea butter in a night cream is also great for deep moisturizing while you sleep.
  • Don't strip your skin of natural oils with frequent showers or washing with hot water and soaps with harsh detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).  A gentle cleanser helps clean and keeps your skin soft and supple.  Limit your showers to no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Make sure to use plenty of a safe sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Most dermatologists report a bread-spectrum sunscreen up to SPF 30 should be sufficient.
  • Stay away from skin products with fragrances and other irritating ingredients.
  • Protect your face with soft scarf or other protective wear before braving cold and wind.

Shea Butter Moisturizer
Dry Skin Body Lotion

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