Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Hair and Scalp

Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair
Every person has a different need or 'look' they'd like to achieve for their hair style.  It can be a challenge finding the right shampoo and conditioner with formulas providing manageable, healthy, as well as the best for your particular hair needs.  You may be looking to smooth, volumize, moisturize, straighten, manage or something that will help your color-treated hair maintain color.

No matter what your needs are, you don't want to spend hard-earned money on coloring, relaxing or chemically straightening your hair, yet use a shampoo and conditioner that is harsh and irritating to your scalp.  Your shampoo should clean your hair without irritating your scalp or leaving your hair dull or unhealthy looking.

If you have oily hair, you should not shampoo your hair every day.  This only dries out your scalp and may even cause it to produce more oil.  If you need to shampoo daily, use a gentle shampoo, such as Cleure SLS free shampoo.  Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) dries the scalp and can leave your hair and scalp overly dry.  Avoid shampoos with fragrance and other harsh irritating ingredients.

For dry hair, it's recommended to shampoo two to three time a week.  A gentle shampoo is a must for dry hair free of SLS.  Adding a dab of emu oil to your conditioner should help hydrate your hair to silkiness.

If your scalp is flaky, massage Emu Oil on your scalp before shampooing to help stimulate and hydrate it.  If the flakiness persists, you should see your doctor for treatment.  Emu oil has also been shown to help stimulate hair growth.

Check the water hardess in your shower.  Hard water can rob your hair of moisture.  Leave your conditioner on longer to help penetrate and make your hair more manageable.

Cleure Volumizing Shampoo helps your hair maintain moisture.  It's free of SLS, which means it will not dry your hair.  Cleure Replenishing Conditioner helps your hair become manageable and healthy.

Best Shampoo & Conditioner
Best Shampoo & Conditioner

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Science Behind Natural Skin Care Products

The Science Behind Natural Skin Care Products
Many brands claim to offer natural skin care or personal care products.  The word 'natural' conjures up feelings of nature and 'must be good for you' thoughts.  Are these products actually right out of nature, like putting cucumber slices on your eyes to remedy puffiness, or are they chemicals disguised with a few plant names mixed in to give the sense of 'natural'?

Natural Products Through the Ages
In ancient Egypt, concoctions were made for such skin care as facial scrubs, with sand and plant extracts.  Kohl mixed with lead and animal fat was used to line the eyes, and jasmine and frankincense as perfume.  Good health and hygiene meant daily cleaning with a combination of baking soda and sodium carbonate.  And they used myrrh to clean their teeth and even for mummification.

Ancient Chinese have documented facial treatments for youthful skin made of seaweed and jelly fish.

Grecian women made their own lotions and skin care products by mashing up paste of berries with milk.  The paste was left on for several hours.   Rich ancient Roman women used expensive crocodile dung to lighten their skin, or the inexpensive method of white chalk powder for the same results. Beeswax and almond oil was used to soften their skin.

In Queen Victorian times, it is said with the popularity of poets such as Byron and Shelley, distressed damsels who looked pale and sickly became popular.  Women would rub lemon juice or vinegar on their skin to lighten them and makeup was applied to give dark circles under the eyes.  Many young models today seem to have the same idea.

With the turn of the century, lotions, creams, and modern looking lip color in a stick and other skin care and makeup was introduced which started a booming industry for women.

Natural Product Industry Today: Fact or Fiction?
In the 1920s synthetic fertilizers and pesticides began to be used. Ecologically minded people looked to nature to substitute daily used products that contained chemicals.   In the 1960s with the rise of the flower children wanting to be closer to nature, the focus of the 'natural product industry' began its rise and spread to the masses.  The more plant extracts and herbs a product contained, the better it was thought to be.

With the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lack of monitoring the industry for skin care, personal care and cosmetics, companies were and still are, left on their own to make any claim they want, except that of medical treatment.  To lengthen shelf life, even so called natural products must contain preservatives and anti-fungal chemicals.  Labels that claim 'truly natural' products for skin care and personal care,  are just not true.  The only way a skin care product is truly natural is if you make it at home and use it within a few days.

It's important to note that many plant extracts and herbs do have side effects, and can be very potent. Using a variety of herbs in skin care products, may even give rise to skin sensitivity.

With Cleure skin care and personal care products, the word 'natural' stands for what's good for your skin and what helps enhance your own body's cells to maintain health, radiance and a youthful appearance. Preventing skin problems and premature aging should be core of every product.  Instead of hiding behind a label with the word 'natural' to mean a potpourri of herbs, Cleure skincare products harmonize with your own skin's natural ability towards health.  Non-irritating ingredients are selected carefully to benefit your skin.  Herbal butters are used along with other safe and good for your skin ingredients.  Daily cleansing, toning, and hydration with good for your skin 'natural' products, skin can stay healthy and beautiful.

Cleure good for your skin products
Cleure good for your skin products

Friday, August 9, 2013

Perfect Skin Must Have Products

Must-Have Skin Products
Must-Have Skin Products
Before your skin shows signs of problems, it's important to identify what skin care products will balance your skin and bring about health, and which ones are a total waste of time and money. If you have sensitive skin, it's even more important to do the right things in the quest for the perfect skin. Below are the essential must-have sensitive skin products for happy, youthful and of course healthy skin from head to toe.

1.  Smooth away lines
As we age, our skin production of elastin is reduced.  With the skin's elasticity diminished, fine lines appear and wrinkles set in.  Cleure Eye Repair Gel with sodium hyaluronate gently helps boost elasticity and hydration.  It's fragrance free and doubles to help reduce dark circles under the eyes.

2.  Exfoliate away dull and drab
Regularly old skin cells die, and are replaced by new ones.  If the dead cells continue to build up, new cells have to fight to reach skin surface.  Cleure Exfoliating Scrub is the gentle way to clear up dead cells. Used regularly, it's perfect for a healthy glow all year in all seasons.

3.  Nourish your skin with clay
For silky smooth skin, there's nothing like dead sea mud and kaolin clay to nourish your skin.  Dead sea mud has been reported to help with problem skin, and reduce appearance of pores, leaving your skin refined and smooth.  The mildest clay, kaolin deep cleanses, and dissolves impurities.  Cleure Facial Mask combines kaolin clay and dead sea mud to help nourish your skin to health.

4.  Scalp and foot beautifier
Emu oil has been a well kept secret by the Australian Aborigines for centuries.  Add a dab of this rich, non-comedogenic oil to your conditioner and massage it to your scalp.  Not only will it help prevent dry scalp, but studies show it helps hair regeneration.  Rub it on your heels and nail cuticle for soft beautiful feet and hands.

5.  Daily hydration
For velvety smooth skin, daily hydration is crucial.  Protect your skin from environmental toxins by using Cleure Day Cream.  Indulge your skin with this moisturizer which is rich with shea butter and anti-oxidants to provide a boost to your skin with intense hydration.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Best Tips for Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Care
Sensitive Skin Care
A happy complexion is a healthy complexion.  At some point, even if you're a happy-go-lucky person, your face may be showing signs of not being so happy by becoming irritated, breaking out in a rash, acne, red patched or flaky dry sensitive skin.  In fact, over 50% of women consider themselves as having sensitive skin.

According to dermatologists, the most common reason is the unending quest for youthful skin by using new products.  As they find that one brand doesn't make a difference they change to another.  This constant obsession of trying new products can cause wear on your skin and irritation.

The bottom line is that not all sensitive skin is the same.  Discovering your type and what's causing your particular skin irritation is the key to sensitive skin care.

1.  Very dry skin

  • Symptoms of tight, itchy skin may be caused by what you're cleaning your face with.  Most cleansers contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).  This harsh detergent breaks down the natural oil producing layer of the skin, making it impossible to hydrate and keep your skin moisturized and soft.
  • Cleure Lotion Cleanser free of SLS is a skin life saver for those with dry skin.  It's gentle and helps keep your skin soft and clean.
2.  Burning and stinging
  • Salicylic acid is one ingredient that is often added to skin care products to offset inflammation.  Unfortunately, this chemical, which is also in aspirin types of products, can be highly irritating to sensitive skin.  
  • Retinoids in anti aging products are another culprit that can cause burning and stinging.  Maintaining a daily skin care routine with gentle cleansers and moisturizers can make a huge difference.  Simple solutions are better than brands promising anti aging with harsh irritating ingredients.
  • Shea butter is a gentle anti aging moisturizer used in Cleure skin care that is the perfect fix for burning and stinging skin.
3. Rosacea 
  • If you have flushing with red patches that may be accompanied by red pimples, you have rosacea.  You may have noticed that your skin is very easily irritated and the symptoms may be triggered from temperature changes, stress, and certain foods.
  • Sun exposure can exacerbate the symptoms.  Avoid harsh chemical sunblocks or products that are full of botanicals.  The best gentle yet effective broad spectrum sunblock should contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  Cleure SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is the safest way to protect your skin.
4.  Adult Acne
  • Adult acne prone skin means you need special care to keep the pores in the skin clean.  Not cleaning properly or using the wrong products (many acne skin brands contain irritating ingredients), can cause breakouts.
  • Keeping your skin clean and hydrated can minimize acne flareups. 
Cleure sensitive skin care products are formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients for all skin types.  Take care of your skin, manage stress, eat nutritious and healthy foods, and you'll have a happy and healthy complexion.