Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Top 5 Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

Tips for Shopping on Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving has a tradition of being called Black Friday and earned the reputation of THE bargain shopping day of the year.  Below are a few tips on how to stay stress-free while getting the best Black Friday deals for your money.

1.  If there is a major special on one item within a small window of time, be warned of the risk of being mobbed.  Usually, these types of specials bring hundreds of people hoping to a product or products at a major deal and it can truly be a shopping frenzy.  For example, Walmart advertised this year that within 1 hour, you're guaranteed to get in stock items.  What people don't realize is that if they go back the next day, the store will be re-stocked and the prices will be pretty much the same.

So stay safe, and stay away from these types of specials.

2.  Visit the store very early before the crowd shows up.  The early bird will get the best bargains on Black Friday without the hassles of long lines at the checkout counter.

3.  Plan and have a list of essentials you'd like to focus on, instead of browsing for anything.  Just browsing may cause you to buy things you really don't need.  Planning saves time and money.

4.  Don't be in a rush and start the shopping with a relaxed attitude.  And do remember, the sales are 99% of the time continued for the entire time until 12/25th, and not just for Black Friday.

5.  Shopping on the internet is an easy and relaxing option to the crowded malls and stores.  Let your fingers do the searching at the convenience of your home.  Most of the time, online retailers offer free shipping during the holidays or with a minimum purchase.

Whether you're shopping for furniture, clothes, or personal care and cosmetics.  The internet has it all.  Cleure for sensitive skin care products has great once a year specials you can purchase without leaving home.

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