Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 Benefits of Gluten Free Skin Care Products for Perfect Skin

Benefits of Gluten Free Skin Care Products for Perfect Skin
Finding skin care products that don’t irritate our skin can be a huge challenge, even for people who don’t suffer from any type of allergies. Over the last year or two, more evidence has cropped up, showing that gluten in our soaps and skin care products may be causing irritation for many of us. If you’re experiencing red, inflamed skin or lesions, it might be time to try an elimination diet for your skin. Switching to a gluten-free skin care routine may help reduce inflammation and irritation, helping you have the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.
A gluten-free skin care routine has a wide range of benefits for your skin, but here are five of our favorite benefits of gluten-free skin care products:
People who suffer with celiac disease or gluten intolerance have long known that eating gluten affects their skin, but it’s now becoming clear that topical applications of gluten are affecting skin, too. Gluten-free skin care can reduce topical allergies.

  1. Skin that’s experiencing irritation due to gluten usually improves within a week or two of quitting products that use gluten. That means you could feel better in no time if gluten is the cause of your irritation.
  2. Cleure Night Cream
  3. Products that avoid gluten also tend to avoid other plant-based chemicals that irritate our skin, such as salicylates and parabens. Products such as our anti-aging night cream plus anti-oxidant avoid a variety of common irritants, meaning that if you’re sensitive to more than one irritant, gluten-free products can help you eliminate all irritants from your routine.
  4. Gluten allergies might be making your skin itch. Changing your skin care routine to one that uses gluten-free products can be a smart way to lose that uncomfortable feeling once and for all.
  5. Switching to non-toxic, non-irritating skin care can make your skin brighter, clearer and smoother. If you’re looking for perfect skin, these types of products are a quick and easy way to get one step closer.

If you’re ready to try eliminating gluten from your skin’s diet, check out our gluten-free skin care products, makeup, soap, shampoos and conditioners.
Have you tried gluten-free skin care? Do you think it’s helped your skin? Tell us your story in the comments!

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