Friday, August 9, 2013

Perfect Skin Must Have Products

Must-Have Skin Products
Must-Have Skin Products
Before your skin shows signs of problems, it's important to identify what skin care products will balance your skin and bring about health, and which ones are a total waste of time and money. If you have sensitive skin, it's even more important to do the right things in the quest for the perfect skin. Below are the essential must-have sensitive skin products for happy, youthful and of course healthy skin from head to toe.

1.  Smooth away lines
As we age, our skin production of elastin is reduced.  With the skin's elasticity diminished, fine lines appear and wrinkles set in.  Cleure Eye Repair Gel with sodium hyaluronate gently helps boost elasticity and hydration.  It's fragrance free and doubles to help reduce dark circles under the eyes.

2.  Exfoliate away dull and drab
Regularly old skin cells die, and are replaced by new ones.  If the dead cells continue to build up, new cells have to fight to reach skin surface.  Cleure Exfoliating Scrub is the gentle way to clear up dead cells. Used regularly, it's perfect for a healthy glow all year in all seasons.

3.  Nourish your skin with clay
For silky smooth skin, there's nothing like dead sea mud and kaolin clay to nourish your skin.  Dead sea mud has been reported to help with problem skin, and reduce appearance of pores, leaving your skin refined and smooth.  The mildest clay, kaolin deep cleanses, and dissolves impurities.  Cleure Facial Mask combines kaolin clay and dead sea mud to help nourish your skin to health.

4.  Scalp and foot beautifier
Emu oil has been a well kept secret by the Australian Aborigines for centuries.  Add a dab of this rich, non-comedogenic oil to your conditioner and massage it to your scalp.  Not only will it help prevent dry scalp, but studies show it helps hair regeneration.  Rub it on your heels and nail cuticle for soft beautiful feet and hands.

5.  Daily hydration
For velvety smooth skin, daily hydration is crucial.  Protect your skin from environmental toxins by using Cleure Day Cream.  Indulge your skin with this moisturizer which is rich with shea butter and anti-oxidants to provide a boost to your skin with intense hydration.

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