Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Choose the Best Non-Comedogenic Makeup

Non-Comedogenic Makeup
Non-Comedogenic Makeup
Non-comedogenic makeup has been shown to reduce skin breakouts because they don't contain ingredients that can clog skin pores.  The wrong makeup can cause acne and blemishes, specially foundation and powders that clog pores and irritate skin.  This is why non-comedogenic makeup is important.  Understanding which ingredients should be avoided to prevent oily, irritated skin and clogged pores is vital.

What is Non-comedogenic Makeup 
You may find many brands claiming on their labels that they are non-comedogenic or safe for acne prone skin.  The FDA does not require strict regulations from the cosmetic industry.  It's therefore, important as a consumer, that you understand which particular ingredients can clog your pores and which are truly non-comedogenic.  Read labels for ingredients and not claims.

Most non-comedogenic cosmetics are oil-free, however some oils are ok and will not clog pores.  If you have dry skin, you may do well with a non-comedogenic foundation or powder that does contain oils. Shea butter is one such oil ingredient that is soothing, moisturizing and non-comedogenic.

Kaolin clay is excellent for the skin and is non-comedogenic.  Emu oil is another good oil with anti-aging properties that is non-comedogenic.

Ingredients that clog pores do not only promote acne and blemishes, but can also contribute to aging skin.  When your skin is clean and pores are clear, new cells can surface.  Clogged pores accumulate debris, dead cells, harsh ingredients and environmental pollutants.  Cleaning your skin properly is important, and using non-comedogenic products.

Ingredients That Clog Pores
When choosing non-comedogenic makeup, it's important to avoid substances that may clog pores. The following is a list of some of such ingredients:

  • Bismuth oxychloride
  • Salicylic acid 
  • Synthetic fragrance 
  • Essential oils
  • Lanolin
  • Parabens
  • Shimmery makeup containing mica
Cleure Total Cover Concealer
Cleure Total Cover Concealer

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