Friday, June 14, 2013

Sensitive Skin Care Tips for a Healthy Summer

Sensitive Skin Care Tips for a Healthy Summer
Summer Sensitive Skin Care 
Summertime is marked with long weekends of camping trips, picnics with friends, day at the beach or other summer getaways.  However, with problem skin, proper sensitive skin care should be a daily routine, and not to be skipped during the summer months.

Instead of stressing about irritated skin, redness, or rashes, follow the tips below for worry free skin and lots of fun in the summertime.

Check list of Sensitive Skin Care Summer To Do's:
1. Clean your face with a gentle lotion cleanser based on your skin type
2. Use sensitive skin moisturizer with antioxidants to hydrate
3. Use natural sunscreen with SPF 30 with broad spectrum protection of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide
4. Take your hats out of storage and use it for sun safety
5.  Use sunglasses during the day when outdoors
6.  A colorful umbrella helps with more protection from the sun's rays
7.  Remove dead skin cells to help improve tone and texture, by using a gentle exfoliating scrub

If you over did it with too much sun, wind or heat, minimize the exposure and eliminate the cause.  Once your skin has recuperated, protect your skin before exposure to any of the elements.  A cool compress can help if you feel burning and redness.

Natural Sensitive Skin Sunscreen
Natural Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

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