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Sensitive Skin Anti Aging Products

Sensitive Skin Anti Aging Products
Sensitive Skin Anti Aging Products
There are two age groups that should always use sensitive skin products: babies and those with aging skin.  Babies have very delicate skin, and harsh ingredients can cause irritation.  As we age, our skin also becomes more delicate and sensitive.  With aging can come dry, cracked and even itchy skin.  Most commercial anti aging skin products can make your skin worse, and even cause premature aging.

The best sensitive skin anti aging products should help the skin retain moisture.  This is important since less oil is produced with aging skin compared to youthful skin.  This reduced level of skin oils is what makes it drier and more sensitive. Added perfumes, dyes and harsh ingredients, natural or chemical, can cause further irritation and aging.

Anti Aging Cleanser
Always opt for a gentle cleanser that is free of sodium lauryl sulfate.  Your skin should not feel taught and dry after cleaning it, but soft and healthy.  Soap or cleansers formulated for aging skin are more gentle for sensitive skin types.  Cleure Gentle Cleanser is free of fragrance, dyes, sodium lauryl sulfate and is excellent for dry skin.

Best Anti Aging Cream for Sensitive skin
If you only purchase products to help remove wrinkles, you may be adding irritating ingredients to your skin.  Many anti wrinkle creams, lotions, moisturizers and toners may very well contain natural and chemical harsh ingredients that can damage your skin.  Anti oxidants are very useful and are healthy natural ingredients for aging skin.  Use a heavier moisturizing night cream at bedtime to help hydrate your skin.  For oily skin, there are anti aging oil free lotions available.  Cleure Night Cream is excellent as a natural heavier moisturizing cream.

Monthy Facial
You may want to give yourself a monthly deep hydrating, healing mask with kaolin clay to add vital nutrients to your skin.  Start with a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells and follow by applying a facial mask with dead sea mud and kaolin clay.

Sensitive Skin Facial Mask
Sensitive Skin Facial Mask

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