Friday, March 15, 2013

Makeup Advise for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Cosmetics
Irritated skin is very common with sensitive skin.  If you apply makeup and your skin tends to burn, turn red and sting or break out in a rash, read on for TLC tips for problem free makeup to beauty perfection.

1.  Preparing your face before applying makeup is important.  Based on your skin type, use a gentle cleanser.  Cleure has three types of senstive skin cleansers to clean your face with.

Safe Sunscreen
2.  Follow cleansing by applying moisturizer.  Certain ingredients tend to worsen sensitive skin.  Use a fragrance free moisturizer.  Face creams with plant extracts, fragrance and salicylic acid can be very irritating to sensitive skin.  Many of these ingredients can either be too harsh for your skin and may not have anything to do with helping your skin become healthy.  Many are used only for marketing.

3.  During the day, when you'll be exposed to the sun, go for a sun block with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  These are the safest for all skin types and offer broad spectrum protection.

4.  Mineral makeup is the best and most gentle on sensitive skin.  Cleure has a complete line of mineral makeup including lipstick, foundation, bronzer and blush.  Cleure mineral makeup also has an SPF 15 - 25 to help protect your skin from harmful sun's radiation.

With loose mineral makeup, applying it lightly appears more natural.  Using proper, high quality brushes makes a big difference as well.  Kabuki is the brush choice for overall foundation.  Tap extra powder off the kabuki, until you can barely see any powder.  Apply in a circular motion.  Smaller brushes can be used for all other makeup.  For complete instructions read How to Apply Loose Mineral Makeup.

For oily skin, finish by dusting on Cleure Rice Powder.  It absorbs oil from your skin and leaves your skin looking smooth and flawless. 

Natural Mineral Makeup

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