Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Many Benefits of A Facial Mask

A weekly facial routine can add luster and freshness to any complexion.  Benefits of a facial mask cannot be ignored, when added to your regular skin care program.  You can either spend hundreds of dollars going to a spa for your facial, or simply learn to do it yourself with a few products that include a natural facial mask.
Specific Benefits A Facial Mask
You can add vital nutrients to your skin using the best suited facial mask for you.
  • Clay facial mask, specially kaolin clay, pulls impurities from your skin to tighten and constrict pores.
  • Dead sea mud in a facial mask contains minerals to help absorb oil, which makes it a great acne facial mask.  Dead sea mud in facial mask also helps promote blood circulation, helping to change dull skin into a radiant, healthy complexion.  
  • Best facial mask can also help boost moisture to your skin.  Moisture and hydration are crucial for preventing premature aging.
Best Facial Mask for Sensitive Skin
Cleure offers the best natural facial mask for sensitive skin, which contains kaolin clay and dead sea mud.  Apply a thin layer  to your face and hairline.  Let it dry completely, which may take 15 - 20 minutes.  Rinse off with warm water.  Follow by splashing cool water on your face.  Dry with a clean soft towel.  Finish with a moisturizer.  Cleure Facial Mask is also excellent for men or dry skin.

Best Facial Mask

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