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10 Easy Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Easy Anti Aging Skin Care Tips
Our environment, daily stresses and how we take care of our skin can add lines and wrinkles around our face and neck.  Options to get rid of these signs of aging is to experiment with expensive anti aging skin care, go under the knife or try Botox.  However, there are other ways that you can camouflage crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles.  This article will help you learn how.

1. Play it safe in the sun.  No matter how good it feels in the sun, remember that your skin hates the sun and it can make those wrinkles appear sooner than you'd like.  Always protect your skin when exposed to the sun.  A sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the safest and most effective of the sun block ingredients.

2. Use a gentle cleanser that is the right one for your skin type and does not contain harsh ingredients that may irritate your skin.  Stick with sensitive skin care products such as cleansers free of sodium lauryl sulfate.

3.  Follow cleaning your skin with an alcohol free toner.  This finalizes the cleaning of your skin, closes pores, and helps balance the pH.

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer
Sensitive Skin Moisturizer
4. Moisturize daily, even if you have oily skin.  Use an oil free moisturizer for acne prone or oily skin. 

5.  Give yourself a facial with a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead cells on a regular bases.  A facial mask with kaolin clay and dead sea mud can help add needed nutrients to your skin.

6.  Accentuate and bring focus on the eyes.  No matter what shape your eyes and eyebrows are, they can be improved with makeup.  Use an eye pencil or loose mineral powder instead of a liquid liner to shape your eyes.  Liquid liner can appear too harsh.  Start at the inside of the top lid, and line it to the outside edge.  You can add a line lightly on the bottom.

7.  Highlight your eyebrows with a soft eye brow pencil or loose mineral powder shade that matches your hair.

8.  Plump up your lips.  Thin lips can make you look older.  Many opt for Botox to plum up their lips.  This treatment is not a one time procedure, but has to be repeated often and can be very expensive. After many injections, it can look very unnatural.   Lip tatoos usually look fake.  

Sensitive Skin Cleanser
Sensitive Skin Cleanser
Lipstick shades that are a shade or two darker than your own lip color work best to give the appearance of fuller lips.  Use a lip liner first to create your lip line, then apply lipstick or lip gloss. Best natural lip gloss is another great trick to plump up your lips.  It can create an illusion of fuller lips with the shine.

9. Establish a skin care routine that your skin feels comfortable with.  If you're using the wrong products, you'll see and feel it on your skin.  The right products will show results and your skin will feel healthy.  Once you skip routine of proper skin care, you will see problem skin develop.  Just think what would happen if you totally ignored your car, and just put gas in it.  Your skin needs care.  It's best to use sensitive skin care products.  These are free of irritating ingredients.

10.  Drink plenty of water.  Dehydrated skin looks dull.  Your lifestyle and what you eat will also play an important role in keeping your skin looking young and beautiful.  Tobacco and excessive alcohol are also enemies of youthful looking skin. 

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