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How to Determine Skin Tone

How to Determine Skin Tone
Have you ever been to a department store and wondered how to choose clothing or makeup colors to match your skin tone?  In other words, do you know what is your skin tone?  The wrong colors for your skin tone can make you look washed out or stick out like a sore thumb.  But if you know your skin tone, it's simple to always look good and choose the right colors for you.  Instead of spending hours under the sun to darken your skin tone, which increases the risk of skin cancer, or lightening your skin tone, it's best to work with the skin you have.  This article will teach you simple tips on how to choose the perfect colors for you.

What is My Skin Tone?
We call the two basic skin tones cool and warm.  There is a simple way to determine your skin tone and whether you are cool or warm.

Cool means you've got blue undertones.  Look at the underside of your arm, if the color of the veins appear to be blue, then you have blue undertones and you are cool.

If the veins appear green, you have yellow undertones and are therefore warm.

So remember:
Cool skin tone = blue veins
  • Cool undertones are mostly fair skinned people; those who have a pink complexion;  also dark brown skins with red tones, such as Native Americans.

    Cool Colors
    Cool colors
    Examples of Cool colors:
  • Blue
  • White
  • Bright colors

Warm skin tone = green veins
Warm Colors
Warm Colors
  • Warms undertones are usually fair skinned who tan easily; peachy complexion; people with yellow tones, such as Asians; those who tan to a golden shade.

Examples of warm colors:
  • Cream
  • Bronze
  • Earth tones

Cleure offers cosmetics for all skin tones and skin types, including sensitive skin.  All products are salicylate free, gluten free, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic.  Formulated to help you match the perfect shade for your skin tone for a healthier, more radiant you. 

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