Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shopping for the Best Hypoallergenic Shampoos

The hair care market is stuffed with products claiming to be “safe and natural”, which often contain harsh and harmful ingredients. In your quest for the best hypoallergenic shampoos, it’s important to know what to look for and what to avoid. Since many toxins are masked with the use of confusing terms in the ingredients, it can be easy for the average consumer to end up with the wrong products at home.

Ingredients to Avoid When in Search of Hypoallergenic Shampoos

When in search of hypoallergenic shampoos, it’s often easiest to start with an understanding of the “bad” ingredients. Since most personal care products are formulated with toxins and chemicals, many consumers are exposed throughout the day to products, which can lead to adverse reactions. Some of the things to avoid in your search for safe and effective shampoo include:
• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
• Fragrances
• Parabens

Cleure Hypoallergenic Shampoos

At, you’ll find a full line of safe and effective personal care products, including hypoallergenic shampoos, skin care, cosmetics, and more. When you want hair care safe enough for the whole family to use, Cleure has the best options, which are free from the ingredients you’ll want to avoid.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Acne Prone Skin Care Tips

Acne can be an embarrassing and difficult skin condition with which to contend. Finding the best skin care products will ensure you minimize flare ups and keep your skin blemish-free. By following a few acne prone skin care tips, you’ll be able to use the best products in order to allow healthier skin to shine through.

What to Look for in Acne Prone Skin Care

When you seek out an effective acne prone skin care regimen, you’ll want to start with a gentle cleanser. By using safe, non-irritating products, you can remove oils without exposing the skin to harmful chemicals or toxins. The best acne prone cleanser should leave your skin clean while not over drying. A clean hydrated skin is important. It’s also a good idea to use a clean wash cloth every day, which will eliminate excess exposure to dirt and oil.

Always follow cleansing with a non-alcohol toner. This completes the cleaning of your skin and closes the pores.

A light application of a day cream at night and during the day under makeup, will keep your face hydrated.

Weekly, or as needed, use a gentle scrub to remove dead cells to allow new healthy cells to grow. A good quality mask with kaolin clay and dead sea mud will add vital nutrients to your skin.

Acne Prone Skin Care from Cleure

At, you’ll find a vast array of safe and effective acne prone skin care products. Cleure features effective products, which are carefully formulated to offer the maximum benefits to sensitive or acne prone skin. Find moisturizers, cleansers, cosmetics, and more at Cleure. When you’re ready to say goodbye to acne and hello to beautiful skin, Cleure has all the answers.

All Natural Toothpaste: Top Advantages

The natural products market is more popular than ever, with consumers in search of products safe enough for the whole family. With more attention focusing on the hidden dangers of common ingredients, the personal care products market includes many natural products. All natural toothpaste, natural skin care, and other safe and non irritating products offer tremendous benefits without exposure to harsh chemicals.

Why Use All Natural Toothpaste?

The average consumer is unaware of the main ingredients in traditional toothpaste or their adverse affects. Many traditional toothpaste products contain chemicals like fluoride, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, artificial sweeteners, and more. All natural toothpaste, on the other hand, is formulated with safe alternatives like baking soda, xylitol, and more. However, you should read labels carefully, because all natural toothpaste are not the same, with some including the same harsh and irritating ingredients.

Choose Cleure All Natural Toothpaste

A visit to gives you instant access to a full line of safe personal care products the whole family can use. Cleure all natural toothpaste includes a carefully formulated and tested list of ingredients, which offer the best results without the risks that come with regular toothpaste. Cleure natural toothpaste is non-abrasive, therefore ideal for those with sensitive teeth. The flavors are also unique, offering Cranberry, Cinnamon and even the Original which is flavor free.

Cleure natural toothpaste contains dicalcium phosphate. Reports indicate dicalcium phosphate helps tartar control, it is a mild abrasive, and whitening agent, as well as balancing calcium and phosphate levels for healthy teeth. It helps remineralize areas of teeth that have been attacked by acid from bacteria (deminaralized) and prone to tooth decay.

Cleure also has many other safe personal care products, including skin care, hair care, cosmetics, and more. Visit Cleure today and find the best natural product selection with options for the whole family.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Salicylate Sensitivity: Products To Avoid

In your quest for the safest and most effective personal care products, you’ll find many on the market claiming safety and efficacy, which contain harsh chemicals and toxins. With a little research, you can figure out the products to avoid in order to prevent problems with salicylate sensitivity and other adverse reactions. The personal care market is saturated with false claims of natural ingredients, making it difficult for the average consumer to find the safest products. Many, if not most website retailers, do not even list all the ingredients, but only "key ingredients". Or they may show many images of plants as part of their "natural products" marketing. Of course, most of these plants are high in salicylates.

One reason for the high rise in salicylate sensitivity, may be the numerous plant ingredients, as extracts and essential oils, that are added to products for marketing.

As a wise consumer, you should shop very carefully when ingredients are not listed.

Salicylate Sensitivity and Cleure Personal Care Products

When you shop with, you’ll be able to tap into unparalleled expertise in scientifically proven formulas, which provide the best results without any adverse reactions. For those with salicylate sensitivity, it’s easy to avoid issues with flare-ups by choosing Cleure products. Often, products like cosmetics, moisturizers, cleansing products, and many others are formulated with salicylic acid.

Cleure gives you access to a full line of personal care products, with are free from salicyaltes and many other harmful ingredients. When you want to avoid problems with salicylate sensitivity, Cleure makes it easy. Discover products safe enough for the whole family, including dental care, cosmetics, hair care, and other personal care products at Cleure.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Avoid Harmful Ingredients by Using Hypoallergenic Deodorant

Ingredients found in personal care products are all too often harmful and even dangerous. Cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and other products may be created with the use of chemicals, toxins, and other dangerous ingredients, which can do short or long-term damage. In your quest for using the safest products for your family, hypoallergenic deodorant is certainly worth considering. Many deodorant manufacturers mask the truth about chemicals and toxins, leaving users facing unexpected side effects.

The Truth About Traditional Products & Why You Should Use Hypoallergenic Deodorant

When you read the label on personal care products, it can be difficult to know which ingredients to avoid. Traditional deodorants are made with several common toxins, which can lead to allergic reactions. Some ingredients, such as aluminum, have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions. In addition to aluminum, some other harsh ingredients used in traditional deodorant include parabens, steareth-n, talc, and others. By using hypoallergenic deodorant from Cleure, you can avoid the risks associated with these toxins.

Cleure Hypoallergenic Deodorant

Unlike many other personal care products, Cleure hypoallergenic deodorant is carefully formulated to include only the safest and most effective ingredients. When you visit, you’ll find a full line of personal care products, which are safe enough for the whole family to use.
Available in roll-on, stick and spray, Cleure deodorant has multifunction use. The spray can be used for underarm, feet or all over spray during hot weather. Made with non-toxic mineral salts, it helps fight odor safely.

Cleure hypoallergenic deodorant does not leave a white residue, making your cloths happy too.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Salicylate-Free Shampoo: Help for Dry, Flaky Scalp

When in search of safe and effective shampoo and personal care products, you’ll find plenty of companies offering supposedly “natural” products. In most cases, these products contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients, which can lead to irritation and allergic reactions. Because Salicylic acid is all too often associated with adverse reactions, it’s best to use salicylate free shampoo in order to prevent irritation.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is commonly found in Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications. It is widely used in skin care products as well, for skin problems. However, a growing number of people are finding they have allergic reactions to this chemical. What most don't realize is that salicylic acid is also a component of most plants and even fruits. Some plants, such as mint, herbal extracts and essential oils contain more of it and therefore can cause more irritation and reaction. Those who have sensitivity to aspirin, know this all too well.

For individuals with sensitive skin of any kind, known salicylate sensitivity or intolerance, you're better off using salicylate free personal care products.

Should You Use Salicylate Free Shampoo?

For most consumers, there is confusion about why salicylic acid would be included in “natural” products. The fact is, although it can cause allergic reactions, salicylic acid is a plant-derived product, which makes it natural. That’s why it’s important to gain an understanding of the true ingredients in the products you use, even when they are supposed to be safe and natural.

Cleure Salicylate Free Shampoo

In your quest for safe and effective personal care products, you’ll find endless options on the market. When you visit, you can browse a vast array of personal care products, which have been formulated for the utmost in efficacy and safety for the whole family. Cleure’s salicylate free shampoo includes nourishing ingredients and is free from formaldehyde, phthalates, salicylates, and other harsh ingredients often found in shampoo.

Hypoallergenic Body Lotion & Common Skin Sensitivities

Skin sensitivities plague people around the world of all ages. From temporary flare-ups to chronic conditions, it’s essential that measures are taken to reduce irritation and minimize sensitivities. Hypoallergenic body lotion is one of the many personal care products, which can soothe sensitive skin and prevent outbreaks. With careful selection of high quality skin care products, you can avoid serious skin problems in most common skin conditions.

Hypoallergenic Body Lotion Can Soothe Many Skin Conditions

Some of the most common skin conditions are:
• Acne
• Rosacea
• Psoriasis
• Rashes
• Eczema
• Fungal Infections

Whether temporary or chronic, each of these conditions will respond to safe hypoallergenic body lotion. By selection a moisturizer that is free of harsh chemicals, you will enjoy a higher level of comfort and decrease in outbreaks.

Cleure Hypoallergenic Body Lotion

At, you’ll find moisturizers and other skin care products, which have been carefully formulated for safety and efficacy. The hypoallergenic body lotion at Cleure contains pure Shea butter and many other soothing ingredients and is free from paraben, fragrance, and other harsh ingredients. Choose Cleure and enjoy the radiant, supple skin you’ve always wanted.

Choosing Soothing Shampoo for Sensitive Skin on the Scalp

Skin sensitivities can strike anywhere and at any age. The scalp is especially prone to these problems and can be exacerbated with the use of traditional shampoos and conditioners. Often, sufferers of these sensitivities make the mistake of going overboard with product use, which will only make the issue worse. In your quest for relief from a dry, itchy, or sensitive scalp, you’ll want to choose the best shampoo for sensitive skin.

Causes of Dry Scalp

If your scalp feels itchy, burns after scratching, and if you experience some hair loss while scratching, you most likely have dry scalp. Most of the time, people associate dry scalp with "dandruff" because it appears as flakes that fall on the shoulders. Dandruff is build up of dead skin cells and is usually white. However, dry scalp could also be caused by:

  • Dry, cold climate that doesn't allow your scalp to maintain moisture.

  • Vital nutrients help keep your skin and scalp healthy. Preventing dehydration by drinking adequate amounts of water is also very important.

  • Harsh, irritating shampoos and conditioners can be full of chemicals that strip the hair and dry the scalp. One such ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate. Stick with a SLS free shampoo.

  • Over use of hair dryers and curling irons can also dry and damage your hair and scalp.

  • Shampoo for Sensitive Skin: The Main Scalp Issues

    One of the main causes of sensitive skin on the scalp is the use of products with harsh ingredients and/or the overuse of any hair care products. Many experts suggest washing the hair every other day in order to allow the natural protective barrier on the scalp to develop in order to avoid sensitivities. When in search of shampoo of sensitive skin, it’s important to understand the best hair care regimen to promote healthier skin and hair.

    Cleure Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

    At, you’ll find hair and body care products, which can help you avoid allergic reactions and sensitivities. Cleure shampoo for sensitive skin contains effective ingredients, which have been formulated to help you achieve healthier hair and scalp.

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    Sensitive Skin Makeup for Lasting Coverage Without Irritation

    For most women, the quest to find makeup that provides natural looking coverage without irritating ingredients can be a challenge. With most cosmetics companies offering cosmetics, which are formulated with harsh and sometimes harmful ingredients, sufferers of skin sensitivities often have a difficult time finding the right makeup. Sensitive skin makeup from Cleure gives you the advantages of scientifically formulated blends without the presence of harsh ingredients.

    The Options in Cleure Sensitive Skin Makeup

    When you visit, you’ll find a vast array of safe products—ranging from cosmetics to skin care and beyond. Whether you’re in need of sensitive skin makeup or moisturizer, you’ll find plenty of options at Cleure. If you’re in search of cosmetics, which soothe the skin while providing lasting coverage, Cleure has the ideal solutions. Cleure’s line of cosmetics includes products like:
    • Rice Veil
    • Loose Mineral Foundation
    • Bronzer
    • Quad Shadow
    • Total Cover Concealor

    Uncover a Healthier Complexion With Cleure Sensitive Skin Makeup

    If you’re ready to put an end to the problems that come with sensitive skin, consider the Cleure line of products. Sensitive skin makeup, safe skin care, and many other products give you the results you want without exposure to harsh ingredients.

    Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth: Clean Your Teeth Without Harsh Abrasives

    Typically triggered by hot, cold, sour, or sweet foods and drinks, tooth sensitivity causes much discomfort. In your search for effective treatment options, the right toothpaste is one of the most essential elements to finding success. With toothpaste for sensitive teeth, you will be able to enjoy the foods you love most without worry of triggering pain or discomfort.

    Causes of Sensitivity & Selecting the Right Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

    One of the biggest challenges in coping with tooth sensitivity is the fact that there are many known and unknown causes. Most often, one or more of the following factors causes the problem:
    • Brushing Too Hard
    • Tooth Decay
    • Receding Gums
    • Gum Disease
    • Teeth Grinding
    • Age
    • Plaque Build-Up
    • Acidic Foods
    • Tooth Whitening Products
    No matter what the cause, you’ll need to find effective treatment options in order to avoid the pain and discomfort caused by sensitive teeth. Visit your dentist to determine if the cause is tooth decay or gum disease.

    Cleure Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

    When you visit, you’ll tap into carefully formulated products, which offer you the benefits of science without exposure to harsh and / or harmful ingredients. Cleure gives you the solution to the problem of tooth sensitivity. Cleure toothpaste for sensitive teeth includes safe non-abrasive ingredients, which soothe sensitivity to help prevent discomfort.

    Causes and Treatments of Oily Sensitive Skin

    The quest for perfect skin generates sky-high revenue for many cosmetics companies. With most companies offering products equipped with lofty claims of stunning results, finding the right products for your skin type can be challenging. Oily sensitive skin is among the most common conditions faced by women and men today. With a variety of causes, treating this problem effectively can be difficult.

    Understanding the Cause of Oily Sensitive Skin

    If you are among the countless sufferers of oily sensitive skin worldwide, you’ll most likely be in search of answers about the root of the problem. Like many skin conditions, this one comes with many possible causes, including heredity and hormone levels. Effective treatment of this and many other skin problems should start from the inside. By getting to the core of the issue, you can nourish your skin can prevent future issues.

    Cleure Skin Care for Oily Sensitive Skin

    When you visit, you’ll find many skin care products for a variety of skin conditions. For oily sensitive skin, Cleure offers solutions like Day Cream Vital Moisturizer, Fresh pH Balancing Toner, and Gentle Skin Cleanser. Visit Cleure today to find the best solution for oily sensitive skin.