Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skin Care for Sensitive Skin: Tips for Avoiding Irritation

For sufferers of sensitive skin, the quest for effective and non-irritating skin care products can be frustrating. With so many products on the market being made with chemicals, pesticide sprayed herbs and other harsh ingredients, it’s important to find gentle solutions that will soothe the skin. Along with a regimen of natural skin care for sensitive skin, you can also include healthy habits at home.

How to Enhance the Affects of Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Along with choosing non-irritating skin care for sensitive skin, you can improve your skin’s health with a few simple tips. One way of avoiding problems with sensitivities is to limit bathing or washing time. Sensitive skin will only be more irritated when over-exposed to hot water and cleansers. Washing your face only once or twice daily will allow the natural oils to build up in order to ward off irritation. Another way of minimizing skin problems is by using fragrance free laundry detergents. This will limit exposure to irritants found in many detergents.

Fragrances and perfumes contain salicylates and formaldehyde. Not only can these cause sensitive skin, but they are also not without health issues. Doctors agree allergies can be the start of chronic illness. As multiple chemicals and other ingredients cause allergies, your immune system becomes more compromised. As health issues arise, your body's defense mechanism cannot cope or ward off illness.

The more you prevent serious allergies, the healthier you can maintain your body. Eating healthy foods, managing stress and using safe, gentle, non-irritating products for skin care, personal care and cosmetics are important keys to overall health.

Cleure Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

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Body Wash for Sensitive Skin: Common Causes of Skin Problems

Many people suffer from rashes, irritation, and other symptoms of sensitive skin. In order to avoid breakouts and adverse reactions, it may be best to use body wash for sensitive skin. These more gentle versions of soap containing products can soothe skin and help you avoid allergic reactions. There are a multitude of conditions, which are linked to sensitive skin.

Do You Need Body Wash for Sensitive Skin?

If you suffer from adverse reactions when using traditional body wash, searching for natural, safe and gentle body wash for sensitive skin can be the answer. Some of the most common skin problems include:
• Rosacea—A common condition characterized by redness, flushing, and broken blood vessels in the face.
• Acne—One of the most widespread skin conditions, which includes blackheads, whiteheads, and scarring.
• Contact Dermatitis—This condition includes allergic reactions and irritants, which cause rashes and other problems.

The partial list of skin problems listed above are signs of unhealthy skin. On the other hand, healthy skin should be vibrant, radiant, and healthy looking.

Cleure Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

When you visit www.Cleure.com, you’ll find a vast array of natural products for skin care, dental care, body care, and more. Cleure body wash for sensitive skin is fragrance free, SLS free, and contains only the most natural ingredients. When you’re ready to say goodbye to sensitive skin, consider the Cleure line of body and skin care.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hypoallergenic Toothpaste: Why You May Need Natural Dental Care

child brushing teeth
Like all personal care products, toothpaste often includes hidden dangers like chemicals and other harsh ingredients. Unbeknownst to users, some ingredients in traditional dental care products often trigger allergic reactions, which can be dangerous. For many consumers, the availability of hypoallergenic toothpaste helps minimize the risk of allergic reactions because of the safer ingredients it contains.

Ingredients to Avoid: Choose Safe & Natural Hypoallergenic Toothpaste

toothpaste flavors
Today’s consumer often seeks out hypoallergenic toothpaste as a way to avoid allergic reactions. Besides allergies, there are other ingredients that may pose health hazards.  Some of the most common and often ingredients found in traditional toothpaste include and their side effects include:

• Sodium Fluoride - is proven effective for tooth decay, however, if a child swallows the bubble gum flavored toothpaste with fluoride, it can be deadly.  This is why the FDA has a mandate that toothpaste with fluoride must have a WARNING on the label.  Many people don't notice the label and automatically assume if the label indicates it's a child's toothpaste, it must be safe.  Reports indicate xylitol is also effective for tooth decay prevention and is a great option to the traditional fluoride toothpaste. 

• Saccharin - is the artificial sweetener that used to be on the harmful list of the FDA.  It is now considered safe, however, with daily use of toothpaste, you do have other options.  Xylitol toothpaste
is sweet naturally and has the benefits of keeping saliva flowing and helping to prevent tooth decay.

• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate -  is also known as SLS.  This dries the tissues and can even cause canker sores.  It's best to choose an SLS free toothpaste.

• Triclosan - is an antimicrobial, antibiotic used to fight gum disease.  However, with long term use it may increase bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

NaturalToothpaste: Is it a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Most consumers automatically think it the word 'natural' is on the label, it must be safe and the best for their family.  This is not always the case! In fact many herbs and essential oils are more like medicine and can have side effects.  For example, some toothpaste have tea tree oil.  This anti-fungal oil is very potent and with long term use can have side effects.  Like any medicine, it should be used with caution.  Many other herbs are useless in toothpaste and only added for marketing.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Natural Toothpaste can Help Heart Health

The connection between heart health and oral health has advanced and shown to be relevant. Natural toothpaste can make an impact on your over all health, including heart health.

However, not all natural toothpaste are the same. A healthy oral environment can help lessen the risk of stroke, heart disease, respiratory disorders and even problem pregnancy. You might think just because a toothpaste is labeled "natural" it must be effective.

In order for toothpaste to help bring about healthy teeth and gums, it should help neutralize the overall pH of your mouth, therefore, preventing acid from destroying tooth structure and bringing about accumulation of plaque.
Plaque is the film that builds on your teeth which contains harmful bacteria.

The bacteria love and thrive in an acidic environment. Saliva tends to help balance the pH and bring about a neutral pH of your mouth. It's therefore, important that your toothpaste also help bring about a neutral, acid free oral environment.

A common ingredient in most natural and commercial toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. SLS, which is used for foaming, is also a strong industrial detergent. Used daily, it can dry the delicate tissues. A dry mouth can cause a more acid promoting environement.

Instead of choosing a natural toothpaste, look for an
SLS free toothpaste. Baking soda toothpaste can also help promote a neutral pH. Look for this type of toothpaste as well.

Alcohol in mouthwash is another ingredient that may dry the tissues of the mouth. If you need to use mouthwash, use an alcohol free mouthwash.

Xylitol toothpaste is another great ingrediant for healthy gums and teeth, because it helps promote flow of saliva.
Cleure offers a complete line of SLS free toothpaste, alcohol free mouthwash, and oral health care products with xylitol.

The right oral care products used daily can help bring about a healthy, beautiful smile, and help decrease the risk of heart disease.

Benefits of Cleure Natural Gluten Free Makeup

Finding makeup that doesn’t irritate the skin is a challenge—even more so for sufferers of allergies or sensitivities. For those with gluten intolerance, the quest for cosmetics has always been difficult. As the natural products market has grown, more companies have introduced gluten free makeup, skin care, and hair care products. Cleure features a line of cosmetics, which includes products that are gluten free, paraben free, salicylate free, vegan, and organic.

Why Choose Cleure Gluten Free Makeup?

When in search of products that won’t irritate your gluten allergies, Cleure has plenty of options. Whether searching for skin care, hair care, or gluten free makeup, Cleure gives you natural product choices. The cosmetics you’ll find at www.Cleure.com include all natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling and looking better than ever.

Gluten Free Makeup and More

Cleure simplifies your search for gluten free makeup and other personal care products. Cleure’s line of cosmetics includes foundation, concealor, bronzer, eye shadow, and much more. Along with top quality cosmetics, Cleure has products like shampoo, moisturizer, cleanser, and anti-aging products, which are safe for anyone with a gluten allergy or intolerance. When you’re ready to nourish your skin with safe and natural products, Cleure has the perfect solutions.

Celiac Disease & Gluten Allergies: Benefits of Gluten Free Makeup

For many people, allergies and intolerances force dietary restrictions and careful selection of personal care products in order to avoid adverse reactions. The general population has seen an increase in wheat allergies, gluten intolerance, and many related conditions, which has led to the influx of gluten free makeup and personal care products to the market. Celiac disease is one of the most common conditions, which force people to carefully choose products and foods in order to avoid severe reactions and complications.

Gluten Free Makeup: Common Reactions to Gluten Exposure for Sufferers of Celiac Disease

As an autoimmune disease, celiac disease has multiple symptoms. Common symptoms of the condition include:
• Gastrointestinal Problems—Diarrhea, cramping, IBS, and other symptoms.
• Anemia
• Weight Loss
• Easy Bruising
• Muscle Weakness
• And others
Although the symptoms can be persistent even without exposure to gluten, it’s best to use gluten free makeup and other products to avoid these reactions.

Cleure Gluten Free Makeup for Sufferers of Celiac Disease

At www.Cleure.com, you’ll find a vast array of gluten free personal care products to ease the suffering of those with celiac disease. In addition to all natural gluten free makeup, Cleure also has an inventory including gluten free skin care, hair care, and other personal care products. Visit Cleure today to discover a safe, natural approach to personal care.

Gluten Free Skin Care: Products to Avoid

With rising numbers in cases of celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and gluten sensitivity, more people around the world are in pursuit of gluten free skin care products. Your search for safe and nourishing products that won’t exacerbate your condition can be frustrating. It’s important to understand the ingredients you’ll want to avoid in order to prevent an outbreak or severe reaction.

Ingredients to Avoid in Gluten Free Skin Care Products

Celiac and other gluten-related conditions are exacerbated by exposure to ingredients derived from wheat, barley, oat, or rye. Since most traditional skin care products contain some of these ingredients, you’ll want to know what to look for in your quest for gluten free skin care products. Some of the things you’ll need to avoid include:
• Tocopherals (Vitamin E)
Synthetic vitamin E has a “dl” in front of the name, such as dl-alpha tocopherol. This form is gluten free. Natural forms of vitamin E have a “d” in front of them, such as d-alpha tocopherol, d-alpha tocopherol acid succinate, and d-alpha tocopherol acetate. These could be sourced from wheat, soy or other oils. For internal use, the natural form is absorbed better. For skin care products, the "dl" is also effective.

D-alpha tocopherol is derived from vegetable oil, most often soybean oil. D-alpha tocopherol also may be derived from other oils, including wheat germ oil.
• Wheat Germ Extract
• Triticum Vulgare
• Oat Protein
• Samino Peptide Complex
• And Others
Let Cleure introduce you to safe gluten free skin care products that will improve your complexion without any adverse reactions.

Cleure Gluten Free Skin Care Products

When you visit www.Cleure.com, you’ll find a vast array of gluten free skin care products, including cosmetics moisturizers, cleansers, and more. Find your way to healthier skin without the risk of irritating your condition at Cleure.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Gluten Free Skin Care and More

With wheat allergies and Celiac disease on the rise, more Americans are forced to seek out gluten-free products. Largely impacting dietary choices, these conditions also affect the types of products used. From gluten free skin care products to hair care, there are plenty of options in the personal care product that won’t irritate these sensitivities.

Cleure Gluten Free Skin Care

When you visit www.Cleure.com, you’ll find an abundance of gluten free products for personal care. When in search of gluten free skin care, Cleure features safe and natural products including:
• Day Cream Vital 24 / 7 Moisturizer
• Night Cream Anti-Aging Skin Multi-Plus Anti-Oxidants
• Gentle Skin Cleanser
• Fresh pH Balancing Toner
• Body Lotion
• Eye Repair Gel
• And many others

Choose Cleure for Gluten Free Skin Care and Personal Care

When you’re ready to switch to all natural products that won’t irritate gluten allergies and sensitivities, Cleure has it all. Cleure gives you endless choices in Gluten free skin care, hair care, dental care, and much more. These natural product options are also organic and vegan, making them an ideal choice for anyone in search of safer personal care products the entire family can use.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Use Hypoallergenic Makeup Brushes for Less Irritation

For women with sensitive skin, acne, or other allergies, choosing the right skin care products is essential. From breakouts to irritation, the wrong makeup, moisturizer, and other skin care products can wreak havoc on your skin. Hypoallergenic makeup brushes are a key part of an irritation-free skin care regimen for women with skin allergies and sensitivities.

Hypoallergenic Makeup Brushes and Cosmetics

When you begin your quest for nourishing skin care products, you’ll find plenty of all natural options at Cleure. Acne, oily skin, gluten intolerance, and other issues can leave you feeling insecure about our complexion and your appearance. In addition to hypoallergenic makeup brushes, Cleure has a vast array of other essential cosmetics including:
• Concealer
• Mineral Makeup
• Foundation
• Mascara
• Eye Shadow
• And much more

Discover the Best Hypoallergenic Makeup Brushes at Cleure

When you visit www.Cleure.com, you’ll find many options in hypoallergenic makeup brushes. From the Kabuki Brush for Loose Minerals to the 5 Brush Set for all of your cosmetics, you’ll find everything you need at Cleure. Soothe your skin and prevent irritation, allergic reactions, and breakouts with the Cleure line of all natural hypoallergenic skin care products.

Cleure Skin Care: Best Skin Care Products for Oily Acne Prone Skin

Having any kind of problem with your skin can be embarrassing and frustrating. Whether you have occasional breakouts or you have persistent acne issues, you’ll want to find the best treatment options on the market. Traditional skin care products available today often have lofty claims of stellar results, but usually fall short. Natural products are the best skin care products for oily acne prone skin.

Choosing the Best Skin Care Products for Oily Acne Prone Skin

Caring for oily acne prone skin involves a strict regimen that will keep your skin free from toxins, dirt, and other contaminants. Some tips to remember to keep your skin in top condition include:
• Cleanse Morning and Night
• Use a Natural, Light Moisturizer
• Exfoliate
• Use a Refining Mask

The Options in Cleure—The Best Skin Care Products for Oily Acne Prone Skin

When in search of effective options for your skin, visit www.Cleure.com. With a full inventory of the best skin care products for oily acne prone skin, you can nourish your skin and restore it to an oil-free natural glow. At Cleure, you can find natural skin care, dental care, and much more.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hypoallergenic Shampoos: Effective Treatment for Conditions of the Scalp

The scalp is one of the many areas of the skin, which can succumb to irritating and often painful conditions. Before you can find effective treatments, it’s important to understand the condition and any possible causes. By avoiding irritants, you will be better able to combat the symptoms and even overcome a scalp condition altogether. Hypoallergenic shampoos are an effective way of soothing the scalp without adding harsh chemicals, which can worsen the condition.

Common Conditions of the Scalp—Should You Use Hypoallergenic Shampoos?

Hypoallergenic shampoos
can be soothing to sufferers of many common scalp conditions. Some of the most common ailments of the scalp area include:
• Seborrhea
• Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff)
• Fungal Infection (Ringworm)
• Bacterial Infections
• Autoimmune Diseases (Lupus, Alopecia, Lichen Planus)
• Allergic Reaction

Choose Cleure Hypoallergenic Shampoos

When in search of an effective treatment for any condition of the scalp, consider using all natural Cleure hypoallergenic shampoos. Visit www.Cleure.com today to discover a full line of safe and natural products.

Natural Remedies for Oily Sensitive Skin

Even people with healthy skin will have patches of dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin. When it comes to maintaining a balance, it’s important to choose products designed for the unique needs of your skin. Oily sensitive skin is a common problem, which could be characterized by large pores, blackheads, rashes, and tightness. Choosing natural remedies will help you restore a healthy and balanced complexion in spite of sensitivities.

The Benefits of Cleure Skin Care for Oily Sensitive Skin

When it comes to treating oily sensitive skin, there are many natural and/or plant-derived ingredients that can help. Some of the best options include:
• Vitamin B
• Maintaining Proper Levels of Hydration
• Vitamin E
• Shea Butter
• Vitamin C
• Kaolin Clay
When shopping for skin care products for your oily sensitive skin, you’ll want to avoid traditional products with ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Salicylates, and Fragrances.

Choose Cleure for Oily Sensitive Skin Treatment

At www.Cleure.com, you’ll find a full line of skin care products ideal for any skin condition. Cleure features all natural products, which are clean and pure. All of the products at Cleure are salicylate free, paraben free, SLS free, gluten free, and are never tested on animals. Visit Cleure today and uncover healthier skin.

Gluten Free Cosmetics: Should You Go Gluten-Free

Allergies can cause problems in many areas of life. From the products you use to the foods you eat, it’s imperative that you strive to avoid things that might create an adverse reaction. Gluten intolerance and conditions like Celiac Disease force thousands worldwide to seek out gluten free cosmetics, foods, and personal care products in order to maintain optimum health. If you are allergic to or intolerant of gluten, you may want to consider the advantages of going gluten-free.

Cleure Gluten Free Cosmetics

In the past, it was nearly impossible to find gluten free cosmetics or personal care products. Today, the natural products market has grown to include options for people with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, and other conditions. Others choose these natural products for their sustainability and organic ingredients. At www.Cleure.com, you’ll find natural cosmetics, skin care, dental care, and other products that are gluten-free, vegan, and all natural.

Try Gluten Free Cosmetics From Cleure

When in search of make-up, Cleure has a full line of cosmetics. From rich colors in eye shadows to natural mineral makeup, you can find it all at Cleure. Shop Cleure gluten free cosmetics and enjoy a natural approach to beauty.

All Natural Toothpaste: Improve Dental Health With Natural Ingredients

The natural products market has become a popular choice for consumers everywhere. From organic foods to chemical-free cleaning products, you can go green in all areas of your life. Choosing natural personal care products will give you peace of mind that your family will be exposed to only the safest ingredients. All natural toothpaste is an ideal way of maximizing dental health without the dangers that come with chemicals found in conventional dental care products.

All Natural Toothpaste VS Conventional Toothpaste

Traditionally, toothpaste has included chemicals and harsh ingredients that can do more harm than good. Some of the things found in conventional toothpaste include:
• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
• Salicylates
• Fluoride
• Abrasives
By choosing Cleure all natural toothpaste, your family will be able to avoid problems that can come with exposure to SLS, salicylate, and other harsh ingredients.

Cleure All Natural Toothpaste for a Healthier Mouth

When you visit www.Cleure.com, you’ll find a vast array of dental care products, including:
• All Natural Toothpaste
• Alcohol-Free Mouthwash
• Healthy Chewing Gum
• Floss
• And more
Cleure also features many other personal care products including skin care, hair care, makeup, and much more.