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How to Erase Age Spots

How to Erase Age Spots
Those flat brown spots that appear on the body are known as age spots.  They are most noticeable when these age spots appear on the neck, hands, and face.  Although these age spots are harmless, they may be a sign of more serious health conditions.

Cause of Age Spots
Free radicals are the main culprit that cause damage and aging to skin cells.  The brownish pigment, (also called lipofuscin, liver spots, or aging pigment), results from the breakdown and absorption of damaged cells.  The factors that contribute to age spots include:

1.  Over exposure to the sun
2.  Poor diet
3.  Lack of exercise
4.  Poor liver function
5.  Unhealthy skin
6.  Age and heredity

Each of these factors should be addressed to help prevent premature aging and the resulting age spots.  Years of exposure to the sun appears to be the primary cause of these spots.  What happens is that melanin, the pigment in the upper layer of skin, becomes clumped or concentrates in particular areas appearing as brown spots. 

Treatment for Age Spots
1.  Medications in the form of bleaching creams (hydroquinone, retinoids) and steroids may gradually help fade the spots.  This may take months to show results, and is not without side effects.  These ingredients can be highly irritating and can result in itching, redness, burning or severe dryness.

2.  Safe and natural broad spectrum sun SPF 30 protection with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is a must with sun exposure. 

3.  Laser therapy is used to destroy the cells that produce melanin.  After several sessions over months, you may notice gradual fading of the spots.  The negative side of laser therapy is result of discoloration of your skin.

4.  Applying liquid nitrogen, which is a freezing agent, to the age spots is another method to destroy the extra pigment.  This may result in permanent scarring or discoloration

5.  Dermabrasion helps sand the surface layer of your skin.  A rapidly rotating brush is used to remove the skin surface, allowing new layer of skin to grow and take its place.  Irritation and discoloration are usually expected, which may be temporary or be long lasting. 

6.  Chemical peel uses an acid to burn the outer layer of your skin to remove the age spots.  Several treatments may be necessary before your see any results.  Again, irritation and discoloration may result temporarily or be long lasting.

7.  Over-the-counter fade creams and lotions are also available for lightening age spots.  These can be expensive and you may have to continue to use these long term.  Since the ingredients are frequently retinoids, hydroquinone or deoxyarbutin, these too may cause skin irritation.

Prevention of Age Spots
Natural Sunscreen SPF 30
Natural Sunscreen SPF 30
The best way to prevent age spots is to start at an early age to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation of the sun with broad spectrum sunscreen.  Your routine should be to use a natural sunscreen at any age.  If you wear makeup, use makeup with zinc oxide and an SPF rating of 15 - 25. 

Cleure offers natural sunscreen SPF 30 with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as well as makeup with sunscreen.  All products are made in the USA, are paraben free, salicylate free, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and made specially for sensitive skin.

Cleure loose mineral Foundation and Total Cover Concealer, along with other great natural makeup, are the safe way to erase age spots. 

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