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Stages of Sensitive Skin Aging - Preteens to over 55 Years Old

Stages of Sensitive Skin Aging
In our different passages of aging, different signs let us know how healthy our skin is.  Throughout the various stages of life, different factors affect aging towards preventing aging skin, or causing premature aging.

Knowing the signs, and knowing what to do about them, can mean healthy youthful skin throughout your life.

Pre-teen Skin (younger than 12 years old)
When you hear "your skin is soft as a baby's", they usually mean just that.  Baby skin is soft and perfect.  In fact, up to puberty, the skin is still mostly soft and smooth with very small, almost un-noticeable pores.  At this age, a clean start with education to help your child learn good habits towards skin care can prevent skin problems and premature aging later.

1.  Use a sensitive skin gentle cleanser to clean, never harsh soap with drying detergent sodium lauryl sulfate.
2.  Apply non oily natural sunscreen SPF 15 with sun exposure.
3.  Good habits for skin care means clean at bedtime, and on waking.
4.  Keep your house free of sodas, do keep an abundance of vegetables, healthy snacks and fruits.
5.  Have your child drink adequate amounts of water.
6.  Test new products on the inside of your pre-teen's arm or small area on the face for any signs of burning or irritation.

Puberty to Age 19 Years Old
As hormone levels change, the condition of the skin may change to acne or blemishes.  This is a crucial time, because if the treatment consists of harsh long term use of prescription steroids, antibiotics or acne medications, the skin can pay the price.  

Skin care routine described above for pre-teens should be followed for this age group as well.  If acne medication is needed, it should be used temporarily to bring the condition under control.  For cleanser, use sensitive skin cleanser for oily skin, dry skin or combination skin, which ever is appropriate for your skin type.

gentle exfoliating scrub
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A gentle facial exfoliating scrub and mask can help remove dead cells and clear pores.  This allows new healthy cells to surface.  An alcohol free toner also helps to close pores. 

Age 20 Years Old to 40 Years Old
If you over expose your skin to the sun, eat fast foods and processed foods, smoke or indulge in alcoholic drinks excessively, fine lines and minor wrinkles may appear.  Your skin may also begin to look dull.  Focus on healthy diet, take Hair, Skin & Nail Supplements, and take care of your skin daily with non-irritating sensitive skin products which should be:
  • Fragrance free
  • Paraben free
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate free
  • Free of botanicals, such as plant extracts.  
Plants often are sprayed with pesticides and have side effects.

natural sunscreen
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Over 50 Years Old
If you took care of your skin from pre-teen age, your skin should be in good condition.  If you didn't take good care of your skin, it's not too late.  Healthy skin means beautiful, radiant skin.  Follow all the advice above and make sure to also manage stress with a balanced life style. 

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