Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Tips for Sensitive Skin Pampering to Relieve Stress and Skin Flareups

Sensitive Skin Pampering to Relieve Stress and Skin Flareups

The holidays are a joyous season for family, shopping and lots of socializing.  Along with the fun, challenges often pop up that can be stressful and may manifest with sensitive skin symptoms. The following are helpful tips to find balance between all the stressful activities that revolve around the holidays.  Why not leave the kids with family for a few hours or a day, and splurge on self-care to rejuvenate and pamper yourself. This time will give you more energy to celebrate through all the shopping, cooking, decorating and other holiday activities.

1.  Take care of your body
Focusing on the right basic nutritious foods can help minimize stress.  Eating food that are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates are tempting during the holidays.  But if you stick with eating fruits, vegetables, non-processed, hormone free meats, and the healthy type of carbs in moderation, such as whole wheat crackers or carbs, you'll stimulate the release of chemicals that promote relaxation.  Adding pounds to your weight is also stressful.  Eating right and planning for it, is the key to staying healthy and keeping stress free.

2.  Schedule an at home massage or a day at the spa
Whether you decide a relaxing day at a beautiful spa or an at home massage, your body will feel fantastic.  During the holidays, many spas offer special packages you can take advantage of.  You can spend all day at a spa along with a 50 minute massage for around $100 and up, depending on the spa.  It's less expensive to have an at-home massage, which can range between $75 - $95 for an hour. 

3.  Get a manicure/pedicure 
While shopping at the mall, look for a nail salon or day spa, and relax for a manicure/pedicure.   This gives you a chance to get away from all the shopping crowds while you soak your stress away in a warm foot bath.

4.  Steamy, bubble bath to soak away stress
There is nothing like soaking into a bath full of hot water with bubbles. Light a candle, listen to holiday music with a glass of your favorite wine, hot chocolate or tea and unwind.

5.  Get a hair and face makeover
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For a holiday-inspired look, specially if you're planning many social activities, seek a professional to get a personalized hair and makeover.  While you're getting your makeover, you'll learn new tips and tricks to brighten up the holidays. For sensitive skin, don't use the cosmetics the makeup consultant has, but take your own sensitive skin cosmetics.  Many of the cosmetics used by the salons are irritating and may cause sensitive skin flareups. 

6.  Remember what the Holidays are all about
In the traditions of Judeo-Christian religions, the holidays (holy - days) are originally meant to celebrate with family and give thanks and appreciation for life.  Being materialistic has taken the place of this original meaning.  Many end up spending way too much, eating too much and being overly stressed.  Keep the balance by keeping in mind your priorities of what it's all about.

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