Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Have Perfect Eyebrows with Makeup

How to Have Perfect Eyebrows with Makeup   

 With nicely shaped, beautiful perfect eyebrows, your face stands out and looks fabulous.  At least once, get your brows professionally shaped and then follow the contour from then on and pluck them yourself.  With a few simple tricks, you can learn how to shape your eyebrows and have beautiful, perfect eyebrows, no matter what you were born with.
Brow Blender
 How to Shape Your Eyebrows
1.  Find an eyebrow pencil shade that matches the color of your brows, and preferably your hair.  A natural look is the best and most attractive shape, rather than fake brows drawn in with pencil, with no natural brows in sight.  With this in mind, gently and lightly with small strokes, fill in any missing areas and even out your brows.

Eye Shadow
2.  Next use loose mineral powder, again matching your brows, and apply it softly over the top to soften and make a natural shape and finish.  Cleure has Loose Mineral Eye Shadow that can double up as eye liner or eyebrow color.

 3.  If you want thicker brows, with an angled brush, wiggle powder between hairs on your brows.
If you want thinner eyebrows, trace an outline on your brow to the shape you'd like.  Take tweezers and pluck the hairs outside of the outline.
4.   Using an eyebrow brush or lash brush, gently brush your eyebrows upwards.  You should end up with a defined and finish look.

5.  Apply hair gel lightly to help keep your brows in place.  You don't need much.  The lash brush or mascara wand can be used to to lightly apply the gel.

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