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Types and Cause of Sensitive Skin

Cleure Mineral Mascara
Cleure Mineral Mascara
Surveys indicate millions of people suffer with some type of sensitive skin.  Your skin may itch, break out in blemishes, flare up with red patches, and  other signs and symptoms.  It can be expensive purchasing different brands (some being very expensive) that promise relief, only to find the same symptoms appearing.

Once you learn about the different types of sensitive skin and the best treatment options, it will make it easier to purchase the right non-irritating products that are best for you.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), there are four types of sensitive skin with all having one similar common trait: inflammation.

Sensitive Skin Type 1: Acne
Oily skin with clogged pores, make a breeding ground on your skin for bacteria to cause break out and acne.  High levels of bacteria P. acnes is usually found in this type of sensitive skin.  Treatment may include antibiotics, anti-bacterial products, tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide and retinoids. You may also be told to use skin care products with salicylic acid, since this is an anti-inflammatory ingredient, typically found in Aspirin.  The problem is that these ingredients may work on some without side effects, but for sensitive skin, they may be highly irritating.

Since we know clogged pores and oily skin are the cause of acne, it's crucial to practice and maintain a regular effective skin care routine to control oil and keep pores clean and tight.  It's also important to use sensitive skin care products for acne prone skin with non-irritating ingredients.
Oil-Free Facial Lotion
Oil-Free Facial Lotion
  • Use an SLS free cleanser or facial bar for oily skin to clean your face two times a day.
  • Use an alcohol free toner to balance the pH of your skin.
  • Twice a week use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead cells and keep pores clean.
  • Moisturize with an oil-free facial lotion

Sensitive Skin Type 2: Rosacea
Although the cause of rosacea is unclear, the common appearance of flushing, red patches and pimples are common.  Treatment may include sulfur, antibiotics, salicylic acid, and herbs such as green tea and chamomile.

Skin with rosacea is an inflamed condition.  Inflammation is a response to unhealthy skin or tissue that your immune system perceives as injury, infection or irritation.  This protective reaction is marked by redness, swelling and a host of other reactions.  To minimize inflammation choose sensitive skin care products that are non-irritating.

The risk for the presence of inflammation is high with unhealthy skin.  With a routine of care for your skin that keeps it clean, you can begin to enjoy healthy skin.  Follow the routine listed above for acne skin, but use the exfoliating scrub only once a week or less, and then increase as you need to.  Keep it simple and keep it clean with non-irritating products for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Type 3: Burning and Stinging
Dermatologists are not sure as to what mechanisms cause burning and stinging.  Certain ingredients, however, are associated with these types of reactions: lactic acid, azaelic acid, benzoic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C and AHAs.  Although these ingredients have benefits, if you suffer with burning and stinging, you may want to stay away from these ingredients.

Sensitive Skin Type 4: Contact Dermatitis (Allergies)
Allergy to an ingredient that causes irritation is one type of contact dermatitis.  The other type is an ingredient that may cause irritation, but it does not involve an allergy.  For example, your eyes may tear from a particular brand of mascara.  Skin patch testing may be prescribed by your dermatologist to determine if it's an allergy to a particular ingredient in the mascara. If it's not an allergy, it could be a harsh, irritating ingredient that is causing your tearing.  If you continue to use the product, it may end up as an allergy.

Many organic 'natural' products can lead to contact dermatitis, because they contain essential oils, fragrances or plant extracts that can eventually cause an allergy.

Cleure sensitive skin care products are formulated with non-irritating ingredients to help prevent various types of sensitive skin.  You deserve healthy skin.  With the right sensitive skin care products and routine, you can have beautiful skin, free of irritation.

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