Friday, September 21, 2012

How to Make Feet Soft

How to Make Feet Soft
Feet that are rough, dry, cracked and have sand paper like heels are not only unattractive, but can also be painful.  It is really not a confidence booster to show unattractive feet to others, no matter how attractive your shoes or sandles are.

With a little extra care, in a very short time, you'll be proud to show off your soft and smooth feet.  This article will offer simple foot care tips to follow towards that goal.

1.  Let your feet soak in warm water.  You can use a commercial foot bath or a bucket.  Just relax and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes to help your feet get soft.  Some recommend adding 3 tablespoons of baking soda to the water to help loosen dead skin.

2.  Next gently remove rough skin and dead cells with the help of a pumice stone.  Rinse the stone often to unclog it so it can effectively remove the dead cells.

3.  Trim your nails with a nail cutter.

4.  With a foot file clean corner of nails that appear dark from accumulation of dirt.  A nail brush can also be used to clean under the nails. Use soap for a final cleaning of any residue of pumice stone and debris.

5.  Rinse your feet with warm running water. Dry your feet with a soft towel.
Emu Oil

6.  Cleure Emu Oil is the greatest moisturizer for dry, cracked feet.  Massage it on your feet and remember the bottoms as well.  Use extra amounts on to the most affected, such as cracked skin.  If you're apposed to emu oil, which is from the emu bird, use a creamy moisturizer, such as  
Cleure Body Lotion or Cleure Night Cream.  Both of these products have shea butter which is an effective deep hydrating cream.

7.  Wear a pair of socks to help the moisturizer penetrate into your skin.  It's best to leave the socks on overnight while you sleep.  If your feet feel uncomfortable sleeping with socks on, leave them on for a few hours during the day.  Your feet will feel fantastic once you remove the socks.  They will feel smooth and soft.

8.  Repeat the foot care once a week or every other week or as you notice areas of dryness or cracking.

Body Lotion
9.  You'll also benefit from moisturizing and the sock routine after showering. 

10.  See a podiatrist, if you continue to have calluses or corns on your feet that cause discomfort.

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