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Best Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

There is no one condition that describes sensitive skin.  But dermatologists all agree no matter what type you have, you will need to keep your skin hydrated, preferably with a face moisturizer for sensitive skin.  If you don't choose your moisturizer carefully, you may develop "very sensitive skin", partly due to harsh ingredients in products.

Survey taken in 2007 of 994 adults in the USA, reported approximately half have sensitive or very sensitive skin.  When you consider the whole population in the USA, it's astounding to think that half of the population may have sensitive skin or very sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin typically may itch, get easily flushed, develop rashes, or get inflamed.  Although there may be medical conditions associated with sensitive skin, many may only be reacting to an ingredient in a cosmetic or skin care product. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the cause of many sensitive skin conditions, such as rosacea, burning and stinging are not known.  However, there are certain ingredients that are know to aggravate these conditions.

Good Moisturizer for Acne
The cause of acne is oily skin with clogged pores that harbor certain bacteria called P. acnes.  Many skin moisturizers can clog pores and lead to whiteheads and blackheads.  Some may contain tea tree oil.  Be careful selecting moisturizer for acne prone skin.  Tea tree oil used long term may cause sensitivities and irritate your skin.  This is a natural potent anti-fungal ingredient.

Other ingredients that may be irritating when used over long periods of time include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and retinoids.  A good moisturizer for acne prone skin should offer the following:
Face Moisturizer for Acne
Moisturizer for Acne

  • Oil-free
  • Not clog pores
  • Free of salicylic acid
Best Moisturizer for Rosacea
You may experience flushing, pimples and broken vessels on your face with rosacea.  Genetics, bacteria, sun exposure are some theories for the cause of rosacea.   Dermatologists agree that anti-inflammatory ingredients taken long term or as a mainstay, are the way to prevent or worsen this condition.  However, the typical anti-inflammatory ingredient most often used in skin care is salicylic acid, which is highly irritating, when used long term.

Best moisturizer for rosacea should include the same features as for acne skin, but it does not have to be oil-free. A moisturizer for sensitive skin with shea butter is effective.  Shea butter has been known not to clog pores and it softens your skin without irritation.

Cleure offers sensitive skin care products that are non-irritating and will not clog pores.  They are free of salicylic acid, parabens, yet help your skin appear clear and radiant.

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