Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Long to Keep Makeup

How Long to Keep Makeup
I'm sure every time you've opened your makeup drawer, you have seen makeup that you haven't used for months if not years.  You have probably asked yourself "does makeup expire"?

How Long to Keep Makeup
The better care you take of your makeup, the longer they will last.   The following is a general guide for how long you should keep makeup:

  1. Three months: mascara, liquid eye liners
  2. Six months:  face powders or cream based foundations
  3. One year: liquid foundations, moisturizers, concealers in a tube used directly on the face.
  4. The following can be used until you want to replace them: eye pencil, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, lip liner, bronzer. 
  5. Cleansers: up to 12 months
  6. Nail polish: 12 months
  7. Lip gloss: 18-24 months
How to Store Your Makeup
Make sure to store all cosmetics in a cool, dry place away from the sun with the cap on tightly.  It's easy to forget when you last purchased a cosmetic.  It may be a good idea to write the date somewhere on the product.  An organized makeup bag is a great way to store your makeup.

What to Carry in Makeup Bag
If you clutter your makeup bag full of cosmetics, it will be hard to apply them with any technique in a reasonable amount of time.  Besides, you may not find or remember some that you did purchase, and buy it again.  But if you do have an organized makeup bag with the essentials you normally use, it will make putting on makeup much easier.  Sensitive skin makeup may be the best choice, since they contain less irritating ingredients.

  • Moisturizer - This goes on first and is a must part of your daily makeup routine.  Make sure you pick the right sensitive skin moisturizer for your skin.
  • Eyeliner -  You can use pencil or double up your eye shadow powder as eyeliner and eye brow color.
  • Eye shadow - The trends for 2012 eye shadow colors seem to be the neutrals.  Of course for special occasions, dramatic colors or wild ones for Halloween, shimmers for parties and even false eyelashes can be included.
  • Concealer - Thank goodness for concealers to help hide blemishes, sores, bags, dark circles or any other unwanted pigment from the face.
  • Foundation - Foundation evens out the skin tone and prepares your skin for the finishing touches.
  • Bronzer - This is an optional and seasonal cosmetic for those who choose to use it.
  • Blush - It's always nice to add a touch of blush for that just kissed look.  It brightens the face and adds a nice highlight. 
  • Lip color - Your preference can include lipstick, lip gloss or both.  Keep a few basic colors that work well with your skin and your mood. 
  • Lip liner - To help your lipstick or lip gloss not bleed, and to help them stay on longer, use lip liner.
  • Mascara - This is also a must, unless you use fake eye lashes.  But you may not want to use fake ones all the time, in which case, mascara comes in handy to darken and thicken. 
  • Makeup brush - High quality makeup brushes can make a huge difference in makeup application.  You don't need a lot, but a few essentials as needed.

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