Saturday, August 18, 2012

Easy Smokey Eyes Perfect Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye
Smokey eyes are very sexy and when applied properly, they can enhance your whole look.  The key is to create a natural smokey eye look.  Eye makeup technique does not have to be difficult.  The steps below are easy to follow and will help you have the perfect eye makeup for the sophisticated, classic smokey eyes. 

What You'll Need
1.  Primer - Cleure Oil Free Facial Lotion is the perfect primer for your whole face.  Apply and wait about 5 minutes before applying makeup.  Suitable for all skin types.  However, if you'd like a thicker moisturizer, use Cleure Day Cream over your face as the primer.

2.  Under eye concealer  - concealer acts as a base and evens the tone of area around the eyes.  This way, your eyes are framed free of dark circles.  You can also use Cleure Loose Mineral Foundation for this step to help prepare your eyes.

3.  Two to three shadows: one light and the other darker.

4.  Eyeliner - you can use brown, gray, black or for dramatic look, other shades. 

5.  Makeup brushes - the brush makes a big difference with the results you'd like to achieve.  A slanted, angled brush works well for applying eyeliner.  Rounded and slightly firm brush works well for eyeshadow. 

6.  Mascara - this is the final touch and a must.

How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup
Use the primer first.  This will help your eye makeup stay on longer.  Next use the loose mineral foundation or other concealer under your eyes and over the eye lid.

The eyeliner is used next to line both the top and bottom rims.  The bottom should be a bit lighter or softer.  You can use an eye pencil or loose mineral shadow for this with an angled eye brush.  The darkest area should be at the lash line. Line as close as you can to the lash line for a cleaner more defined line. Liquid liner does not look as natural as a soft eye pencil or mineral powder.  Cleure Eyeliner pencil has a smudge tip to help smudge the penciled area and to soften and blend the line.  If you'd like more smudge under the eyes, to highlight the smokey look, use loose mineral eyeshadow over the eyeliner here.

Next use a lighter, or neutral shade of the two shadows over the lids to the brow bone.  Now you're ready to apply a darker shade for the smokey look.  Starting at your lash line, blend up with the darker shade to the corner of the eyes.  Leave the area near the inner corner with the lighter neutral shade.  The lightest shade should be applied under the eyebrow as a highlight.

Finish with two coats of Cleure Mineral Mascara.  Let the first coat dry, before applying the second time.

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