Friday, July 20, 2012

Tips & Tricks on How to Put on Lipstick

My mother used to say that if you go out and don't have time to do your makeup, wear lipstick.  Accentuating your lips with complimentary lipstick color, will make a difference in your appearance, even if that's the only makeup you have on.  Find a natural lipstick that will not dry your lips, such as a shea butter natural mineral lipstick.  If you have sensitive skin, choose a paraben free lipstick.

1.  Apply a base.  This can be a liquid or cream foundation or a lip liner.  Some makeup artists recommend using a liquid or cream foundation as the base, and then applying your lip liner and lipstick. Whether you use foundation or lip liner as the base, both will help your lipstick stay on longer.  A base should also prevent bleeding.

2.  Type of lipstick formula.  You have a choice between matte, gloss or creamy lipstick.  If you have thin lips, creamy lipstick looks best.

3.  How to apply lip liner. Use a sharp lip liner and trace the outline of your lips first.  Make sure the lip liner color blends with the lipstick or lip gloss you plan on using.  If your lipstick or lip gloss is light, you can purchase a nude lip liner.  Start at the middle of the top lip and line to the corner of your lip, one side at a time. Repeat with the bottom lip. Apply in short strokes to make the line neater.  A natural lip liner free of parabens is the best choice.

4.  How to apply lipstick.  When applying lipstick, you can either use a brush to apply your lipstick or use the stick itself.  Some say a brush gives them more control, but use which ever is easier for you.  Using your finger has also been suggested. 

5.  How to change the shape of your lips naturally.  For a plumper look, draw the line on the outer edge of the natural outline of your lips.  But don't go over it, or it will be noticed. You can also add lip liner after applying lipstick or lip gloss. After applying lipstick, add a touch of gloss towards the middle of your bottom lip for illusion of fuller lips.
To make your lips look smaller, do the opposite, by applying the line just inside of the edge of your lips.   

6.  How to make your lipstick or lip gloss last longer.  Using a foundation base and filling in your lips with lip liner, will help either lipstick or lip gloss last longer.  Apply lip liner to your whole lip before lipstick to make it also last longer.

7.  You can blend lipstick shades.  If you happen to buy a shade you don't like, try blending them.  Using lip liner under or over lipstick can also modify the color.

8.  How to choose lipstick shades.  You should consider which shades look best on you and not what looked good on a model or a friend.  But also compliment what you are wearing with your lipstick shade.  You don't want to wear pink shade of lipstick with orange clothing.  You get the picture.  Makeup artists suggest using pinks or wine shades to hide yellow teeth, or at least minimize the yellow.  Stay away from orange lipstick shades if you have yellow teeth.

9.  How to fix a broken lipstick.  Light a match and lightly touch the bottom of the stick.  Gently put it back in the tube and let it set in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

10.  Lipstick used as blush.  Retouching your blush with lipstick when you're out saves time.  Put some lipstick on your fingertip and blend on your cheeks.

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