Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skin Problem Blues

Itching, blemishes, rash, discolorations, and other skin spots can give you the blues.  The cause of skin problems may be infection, chronic skin disorder, an allergen or irritating ingredient.  To resolve the problem, it's important to determine the cause and how to find skin problem treatments.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and exists to help protect your body.  However, unhealthy skin can become a problem.

Types of Skin Problems  
There are many types of skin rashes and facial skin problems, including:
  • Rosacea - Your face will appear read and flushed, which may be intermittent, or become persistent.  Eventually, bumps or pimples on the skin may appear with pus.  You may even experience stinging or burning.
  • Psoriasis - It's not uncommon to experience scales or plaques of red, inflamed skin.  Your skin may itch, crack and bleed, and become painful.  Psoriasis may even affect your scalp with the appearance of scaly plaques.  
  • Eczema - With this skin problem, you have symptoms of itchy, red, and dry skin along with inflammation.  Adults and children are affected.  There are different types of eczema, with the most common being atopic dermatitis.
  • Allergies and Hives - These types of skin rashes usually cause itching, burning or stinging.  The cause can be allergy or other reason.  You'll see outbreak of bumps, patches or welts on the skin.
Skin Problem Prevention
One thing that is common to the cause of all of the above conditions is allergy to a product, medication, ingredient, a weakened immune system and presence of inflammation.  To help minimize or totally get rid of skin problems, it's best to see a physician to get a diagnosis, then take inventory of what you may be doing to cause the symptoms.

Part of your due diligence should be to not use irritating ingredients or products.  Cleure helps by offering only sensitive skin care products that focus on non-irritating ingredients for sensitive skin care and personal care products.  Cleure products are formulated with safe and as few ingredients as possible. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on brands, test Cleure trial sizes on a small part of your arm and you may just have found the only product to help with your skin problem blues.

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