Saturday, July 28, 2012

Simple Anti-Aging Home Remedies

Most people, men and women, search for anti aging through vitamins, anti aging skin care products, anti aging diet or even the latest in anti aging drugs or medicine.  Once we reach 30 years old, all of us want to look younger than our age in years.  We get very excited when we're complimented that we look younger than our age. 

Anti Aging Drugs and Medicine: do they have risks or do they work?

The most common drug given for anti aging is human growth hormone (HGH).  This is a synthetic version of the human hormone managed by our pituitary gland.  There are physicians who specialize in anti aging and categorize HGH as the fountain of youth.  They say it increases your sex drive, you'll feel fantastic, sleep better, have youthful skin, and even loose weight, if need be.  HGH has become very popular with baby boomers and there are thousands of physicians who are cashing in on it.  As we age, HGH naturally declines in our bodies.  What most people don't realize is that what their physician is selling for thousands of dollars is empty promises.  Most of these drugs have not been proven safe or effective. 

Bioidentical estrogen is another popular anti aging drug.  Studies show there is an increase risk of heart disease, stroke, blood clots and cancer with long term use of these types of drugs.  Some doctors claim their particular hormone cocktail is natural and harmless.  As we age certain hormones decline naturally.  Adding them to our body, whether it's claimed to be a natural or synthetic form, is not natural and has side effects.

Detoxing build up of heavy metals such as mercury is another quackery method sold as anti aging treatment.  The treatment is known as chelation therapy, and although it can help with those who have true rare heavy metal poisoning, it is totally useless.  Anti aging vitamins and supplements are also a profit making method physicians use to make you think you can turn the clock back. Unless you have certain vitamin difficiencies, these are usually no different than what's sold at the drug stores.

How to Fight Aging Naturally 

In the old days, women had to work hard at household chores.  These included washing clothes by hand, perhaps chopping wood, taking a bath infrequently, and eating whatever was available to grow, or close enough to purchase.

Today we have many modern conveniences at our disposal to make our life easier and hundreds, if not thousands of choices for food, from healthy to down right bad ones. Every one ages, and this is a perfectly natural process, however, how you age will make a huge difference in how you look.  Don't waste your money, and don't experiment with your body, and you'll be thankful as you age gracefully.
The secret is to maintain a healthy weight, be active, eat healthy nutritious food, manage stress, have fun and stay away from tobacco and excessive alcohol. These are the anti aging home remedies that are free.  And finally, use skin care products free of irritating ingredients.  We live in an extraordinary time of wonderful life style choices.  As each year passes, make healthy choices, age well and wisely.

Cleure offers a wide range of anti aging skin care products that are gentle and formulated with non-irritating and effective ingredients. 

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