Sunday, July 15, 2012

Makeup and Skin Care Tips for Women over 50

As we age, skin begins to sag, fine lines start to appear, and our lips thin.  The following are tips towards younger looking you.

Easy Tips to Conceal Crow's Feet & Laugh Lines
Crows feet are those fine lines around your eyes.  Laugh lines can be a sign that you're a happy person, but as you get older, you'd rather they not be there all the time.  There are many eye gels or eye creams that can help reduce fine lines.  Use them daily.  A good concealer applied lightly (that's the key) is very helpful.  Apply a shade that matches your skin, around your eyes and anywhere else you need to conceal.  Use a small concealer brush and dab it on.  Blend with a loose mineral foundation and a high quality Kabuki brush.  Finish by dusting on a cosmetic grade loose rice powder.  This also helps minimize fine lines, and is typically used by Japanese women.

Accentuate and Bring Focus on the Eyes
No matter what shape your eyes and eyebrows are, they can be improved with makeup and should be the focus.  Use an eye pencil or loose mineral powder instead of a liquid liner to shape your eyes.  Liquid liner can appear too harsh.  Start at the inside of the top lid, and line it to the outside edge.  You can add a line lightly on the bottom.

Use powder eyeshadow (cream shadow can crease).  Lighter shade on the eyelid, slightly darker shade in the fold.  You can use an even lighter shade, such as cream color under the eyebrow to highlight.  If you have brown or hazel eyes, bronze or browns look gorgeous for shadow.  Blue eyes typically look great with blue-gray and lighter browns.  Use darker shades for dark eyes.  Finish with natural mascara.

Highlight your eyebrows with a soft eye brow pencil or loose mineral powder shade that matches your hair.  Either need to be blended so it doesn't look tacky and obvious that you used a pencil. Get your brows professionally done by waxing or threading, if nothing more than to see how they should be shaped .  Brush your brows with a toothbrush or your fingers.  If you shape your own brows, tweeze bottom and top of the brow to shape it.  Don't tweeze too many hair at a time.  To determine where the arch should be, look in the mirror and hold a pencil parallel to the outside edge of your iris.  The highest part of the arch is where the pencil meets your brow.  You can also follow the natural shape of your own brow and fine tune it, if you're happy with the shape as is.

How to Get Plump Lips
Many opt for Botox to plum up their lips.  This treatment is not a one time procedure, but has to be repeated often and can be very expensive. After many injections, it can look very unnatural.   Lip tatoos usually look fake and you can more than not, tell when it's done.   There are also lip plumpers that may work temporarily.

Lipstick shades that are a shade or two darker than your own lip color work best to give the appearance of fuller lips.  Use a lip liner first to create your lip line, then apply lipstick or lip gloss. Best natural lip gloss is another great trick to plump up your lips.  It can create an illusion of fuller lips with the shine.

Establish a Skin Care Routine
Once you skip routine of proper skin care, you will see problem skin develop.  Just think what would happen if you totally ignored your car, and just put gas in it.  Your skin needs care.  It's best to use sensitive skin care products.  These are free of irritating ingredients.

  • Cleanse daily with a soap-free cleanser.
  • Use a alcohol free toner to complete the cleansing process.
  • Once or twice a week use a gentle facial scrub and facial mask to remove dead cells and add vital nutrients to your skin.
  • Moisturize for day time and night time use anti-aging cream.
  • When out in the sun make sure you use a zinc oxide broad spectrum natural sunscreen.  Wear a hat if you're exposed to long periods of sun and of course, wear sun glasses.

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