Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Hide Undereye Circles

You may have already spend hundreds of dollars on skin care and cosmetics to hide undereye circles.  Dark undereye circles can age you and make you look tired and stressed.

What is the Right Treatment for Dark Undereye Circles?
There may not be an actual permenant treatment for undereye circles.  Unless of course, if you need sleep or rest and relaxation from day to day stress.   Otherwise, the right concealer and technique can hide and erase undereye circles effectively.

The Right Concealer
Find a concealer shade that is the same color as your complexion.  If it's lighter, it may give you the look of raccoon eyes.  The right shade will disappear completely into your skin and hide the dark circles.  Typically, a pot concealer will provide full coverage, a stick concealer more moderate coverage, and the sponge-tipped wand, the least coverage.

How to Apply Concealer to Hide Undereye Circles
1. Use a small makeup brush to avoid adding too thick of a layer.  If you apply too much, it'll excentuate the lines on your skin, so less is better than more.
2. Apply the concealer and blend only on the dark areas. 
3. You can even apply the concealer over your eye lids, to brighten the whole eye area.
4.  Use another small clean brush to dust on loose mineral foundation and blend the concealer. 
5. Use a Kabuki brush to dust on first Loose Mineral Foundation over your whole face, followed by transluscent Rice Veil.
6.  Next accent your eyes by applying eyeliner and 2 coats of natural mineral mascara.
7.  Accentuating your brows also helps to distract from undereye circles.  Outline them with loose minerals or brow pencil. It's always best to use sensitive skin eye makeup.

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