Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Apply Blush

Facial blush can give you a healthy glow.  In the 1940s, women preferred overuse of blush, versus today's more natural color.  No one wants to look like a clown with bright red or pink cheeks.  Follow these steps for a natural, quick (should take no more than 2 minutes) beautiful natural looking "just kissed for the first time" glow.

How to Choose Blush 
There are different types of blush, including cream blush, powder blush and even liquid blush.  Powder is available in pressed or loose mineral blush form. Besides these types, you may want to opt for a natural blush which may be less irritating to your delicate skin.  Powder is best for oily, combo or acne prone skin.  Cream works better for dry skin or more mature skin, while liquid or gel are also great for oily skin.  You could even combine cream and powder together.  This combination may make the blush stay on longer.

How to Choose Blush for Your Skin Tone
If you wear lipstick, match the blush to your lipstick shade.  These two should compliment what you have on.  In other words, if you have orange clothing on, you don't want to use a bright pink lipstick and blush.  Use common sense, and color coordinate.  Typically, fair skin looks best in rose or soft adobe shades.  Olive skin looks great with peach shades.  Dark skin wears shades of apricot or red best.  For tired-looking skin, dust on a warm rose shade.

How to Choose Blush for Your Face Shape
There are many tricks of the trade to improve your face shape, especially with blush.  For a round face, a mineral bronzer dabbed LIGHTLY to your forehead and chin before you apply the blush, can give the appearance of a narrower shape.
For a square face, apply blush to your cheekbones and blend toward your temples.  Don't extend blush towards the lower part of your face.  For oval face, only apply blush to your cheek bones.

How to Put on Blush
Always moisturizer first before applying makeup.  If you use makeup, blush should be used right before your finishing powder.  However, some professional makeup artists like to use blush prior to foundation, for a more natural look.  You'll have to experiment to see which works best for you.

Always use a larger blush brush or a professional blush brush.  Look in the mirror and smile.  The high points of your smile, or the apples of your cheek, is where to apply the blush.  Keep it light and make sure to blend well.

For gel or cream blush, use your ring finger, sponge applicator to apply and brush or your finger for blending.

A translucent finishing powder will calm down and blend the blush.

Always apply powder in one direction, instead of back and forth or round and round.  One direction application will avoid streaks.

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