Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

In the 1950s and before, most women washed their hair once a week, or they washed and styled their hair weekly at the hairdresser.  As the hair styles became more casual, and women became more active at the gym or with workouts, shampooing daily has become the norm.

Our bodies are made in perfection.  Did you know you have tiny glands called sebaceous glands under your skin, that lubricate and moisturize your skin and hair?  Sebaceous glands secrete oils that, as mentioned, moisturize your skin and hair.  However, they can also be a problem if they become backed up in hair follicles or your skin, creating a haven for bacteria and allergic reactions that can lead to scalp and skin problems.

Not shampooing enough can cause bacteria to build up which can lead to problems.  On the other hand, washing your hair daily can be too much if you use a harsh SLS shampoo that over dries your scalp.

How often you should wash your hair, is really a personal preference.  Washing your hair daily is not necessary, as agreed on by dermatologists and stylists.  How thick and long your hair is can also play a part in how often to wash your hair.  Dermatologists agree it takes longer for the oil to reach the hair follicle, if you have thick, long hair.  Therefore, you can skip a day or two of washing with no problem.

Even if you have short, thin hair, you can skip a day or two.  However, your hair does smell nice after a shampoo.  In conclusion, you can wash your hair every day, as long as you use a gentle SLS free shampoo that does not dry out your scalp.  Try variations of different days to wash your hair, to determine which works best for you.  Don't obsess over it, as time permits and depending on how much styling you need, determine your shampoo days.

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