Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Easty Steps to Healthy Skin

How well do you treat your skin?  If you're committed to be at work or school on time, eat right to loose or maintain the right weight, you should also incorporate a daily and weekly routine to give your face a regimen to prep for daily challenges of stress, and environmental challenges.

Easy Step 1: Cleanse
Cleure gentle, creamy liquid Cleanser removes dirt free of SLS.  You can use a cotton ball applied to your skin and rinse with lukewarm water.  End with a splash of cool water.

Easy Step 2: Tone
Alcohol free Cleure Toner is formulated to balance the skin's pH and close pores.  Apply by face and neck to remove the last traces of dirt and restore the pH of your skin. 

Easy Step 3: Exfoliating Scrub
Cleure gentle Exfoliatiating Scrub removed dead skin cells that build up daily on the skin.  These dead cells can eventually cause breakouts, blemishes and infection.  Most Scrubs are harsh and irritting.  Cleure Exfoliating Scrub is gentle enough to use daily.  You'll be able to judge which routine works best for you: daily, weekly or monthly.

Easy Step 4: Facial Refining Mask
Revitalizing your skin is the next step towards radiant and beautiful skin.  Cleure hydrating mask with kaolin clay and dead sea mud revitalizes by adding vital nutrients to you skin.

Easy Step 5: Hydrate
Daily moisturizing to hydrate your skin and keep it from dehydrating is essential for all skin types.  Cleure Day Cream and Night Cream help protect your skin with anti-oxidants and shea butter.  These ingredients help protect against premature aging and help repair your skin.  During sun exposure Cleure Sunscreen provides at least an SPF of approximately 15.

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