Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Safe Sunscreen: Keep Your Family Safe While Protecting Them from the Sun’s Harmful Rays

With the summer months upon us, it’s essential that safe and effective sunscreens be used.  Without sunscreen, your family will be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, which can lead to serious problems down the road.  Not all sunscreens are created equal, so an awareness of the safe and unsafe ingredients will help you select the best safe sunscreen for your family.

Safe Sunscreen: What to Look Out For

How well a product will protect your skin from sun damage is based on a few factors.  The sun protection factor or SPF refers the amount of hours you can be exposed to the sun without your skin being damaged by the sun.  For example, and SPF 15 means you can stay in the sun fifteen hours longer without getting sunburn.

There are two types of sun protection:
  •   Sunscreen is an SPF 2 or higher.  Usually a sunscreen chemical ingredient will absorb sunlight while preventing sun damage.  However, it can be irritating, and cause allergic reaction, specially to sensitive skin.
  •   Sunblock has a sunscreen ingredient with an SPF 12 or higher and is known as a      " physical" sunscreen.  This physical ingredient forms a protective barrier on your skin.  This barrier either absorbs light or reflects it away from your body. 
  • Examples of a physical ingredient include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  
  • Examples of UVA chemical ingredients:   Avobenzone, Parsol 1789, dioxybenzone, Ecamsule, Sulisobenzone, Menthyl Anthranilate, Meradimate
  • Examples of UVB chemical ingredients include: Aminobenzoic acid, Dioxybenzone, Homosalate, Salicylates, Trolamine salicylate, Cinnamates (OMC), Paraaminobenzoic acid (PABA)         

In your quest for the best safe sunscreen, you’ll find at best, only a few options.  For those with a desire to use the safest products on the market, it’s vital that certain common ingredients be avoided.

Cleure Safe Sunscreen

As explained above, physical sunscreen ingredients form a protective barrier on your skin. Unlike other sunscreen ingredients which absorb the sun's rays, two stand above.  Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are physical sunscreens that reflect the UVA and UVB rays of the sun.
These ingredients are safer than the chemical ingredients, specially for babies or those with sensitive skin.

- Zinc oxide is the top of the FDA list of effective broad spectrum ingredients for sun protection.  It protects your skin from UVA.  Cleure Sunscreen with zinc oxide does not leave a white pasty appearance after applying it.  

- Titanium dioxide protects your skin from UVB.  Derived from the highly reflective white mineral, titanium, this non-irritating ingredient is also non-comedogenic.

Cleure Safe Sunscreen contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, along with shea butter, which has also been reported to offer protection from ultraviolet radiation.  Safe for the whole family, your skin feels silky smooth.

At www.Cleure.com, you’ll find a line of safe sunscreen the whole family can use.  Scientifically formulated using a safe and effective set of ingredients, Cleure sunscreen is a natural solution, which is free from sulfates, parabens, fragrances, and other harmful ingredients.  Visit Cleure today and gear up for summer with effective safe sunscreen.

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