Friday, June 15, 2012

Men's Skin Care Guide

Most men around the world consider skin care routine is only for women.  Most of the money spent on grooming globally, typically includes shaving needs, hair and deodorant.  Little time is spent with preventing premature aging or problem skin.  

Times have changed, and as we're all becoming more health conscious, men are also realizing the importance of healthy skin, which happens to be the largest organ in our body.  

At Cleure, we understand every organ is part of contributing to a healthy you.  When your skin is cared for properly, it not only makes a visible difference, but helps with your over all general health.  The benefits of a healthy skin include:
  • Helping to prevent irritation and inflammation.  We all know just a slight irritation can develop into problems, by touching or scratching it.
  • Youthful skin is a given when your skin is properly taken care of.  You workout for healthy heart, and follow a simple routine for healthy skin.
  • Healthy skin helps you look better.  
It really doesn't need hours of your time to have a healthy, younger looking skin at any age.  Follow the steps below, and you will soon enjoy the benefits of healthy skin:
  • Gently Cleanser for daily use for day and night time.
  • For skin that breaks out in blemishes, use SLS free Cleure Hand & Body Soap on your body, and Glycerin Face & Body Bar on your face.
  •  Periodically use Cleure gentle Exfoliating Scrub to remove dead cells and to deep clean your skin.  
  • Cleure Facial Mask is also excellent following the exfoliating process, to add vital nutrients to your skin.
  • Follow with Cleure Day Cream on your face and the Body Lotion on your body.

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