Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Shadows & Circles

Dark circles and shadows under the eyes can age you, make you look tired or stressed or worse scenario, appear as 'black eyes'.  Dark shadows or circles are usually not temporary, although they may appear worse when you are tired.  The signs of dark circles may appear as early as the late 30s or 40s.

Cause of Under Eye Dark Circles

There are many causes for dark circles.  With age, the skin under the eyes becomes thin and weakens, therefore sinking, making it appear darker.  The orbital bone houses the eye socket.  As the delicate tissue around the eyes thins with age, this bone can show through the skin, making it appear hollow. 

Makeup is an easy and effective way to help conceal dark circles and shadows under the eyes.  Cleure offers you a few options for concealing under eye dark circles and shadows.
Liquid Matte Foundation is suitable for mild discolorations.  Apply it with your fingers or applicator.  Dab on and gently blend.  Use a shade that matches your skin.

Stick Mineral Concealer is oil free and therefore great for hiding blemishes.  If you need more coverage, Total Cover Concealer is best.  Choose a shade slightly lighter than your complexion.  Lightly pat the concealer with your finger or applicator from the inner corner of the eye to past the outer corner.  Blend gently with a brush. 

Follow all concealers with an application of Loose Mineral Foundation.  Using the Kabuki Brush, making sure you can barely see any powder on the brush, dust your entire face with the foundation.

Prevention of Dark Circles and Shadows

Although surgery may seem like a quick fix, there are common sense ways you can help prevent the signs of aging. 

  1. Use gentle, non-irritating products made for sensitive skin
  2. Apply Eye Repair Gel for under eye circles
  3. Don't use tobacco products, such as smoking
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Cleans your skin with SLS free Cleanser
  6. Moisturize during the day and nightly with a moisturizer that contains anti-oxidants

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