Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why More People Are Using Gluten Free Cosmetics

Originally, sufferers of Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity were the only consumers to seek out gluten-free cosmetics and personal care products.  As more consumers have become focused on choosing the safest and greenest products, gluten free has gained popularity with the average shopper.  The question is: what are the benefits of going gluten free for those without allergic reactions?  The general feeling of conscious consumers today is “less is more”—meaning if it’s “free” of something it’s generally better for you. 

Gluten Free Cosmetics:  Should You Go Gluten Free?

There are many causes of gluten sensitivity or intolerance.  With celiac disease, it may be a predisposed genetic condition.  This can lead to an autoimmune condition with symptoms of chronic intestinal inflammation.  As a result, it may result in nutritional deficiencies and other health issues. 

With gluten sensitivity can result in a variety of symptoms including fatigue and weakness, mostly caused by wheat allergy.  Symptoms can appear at any age.  Early studies point other causes of gluten sensitivity, including daily intake of aspirin type of anti-inflammatory products.  Of course, these include salicylic acid which is another sensitivity many are experiencing at a growing rate.

Makers of gluten free cosmetics and personal care products are, more often than not, using non-irritating and safe ingredients that the average product lines.  Simply put going gluten free could give you the chance to use safer products than choosing to use traditional personal care products.  In your search for the safest lines for personal use, a review of gluten free products could give you the opportunity to use products, which are safer for the whole family.

Cleure Gluten Free Cosmetics

At, you’ll find a full collection of gluten free cosmetics and personal care products.  These scientifically formulated products are free of gluten, and harmful chemicals, which make them safer for everyone in your household.  Visit Cleure for the best gluten free products in hair care, skin care, cosmetics, and more.  

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