Thursday, May 3, 2012

Should You Use Salicylate Free Toothpaste?

For those with allergies or sensitivities to salicylic acid, finding the right personal care products can be a challenge.  With most common dental care, skin care, and cosmetics items being formulated with the plant acid, it can take time to find the safest products for your family.  Exposure to salicylates can leave those with sensitivities suffering with reactions like skin rash, headaches, stomach pain, and more.  By using salicylate free toothpaste and personal care products, you will have peace of mind that your family is safe from these adverse reactions.

Cleure Salicylate Free Toothpaste

In your quest for the best salicylate free toothpaste, skin care, and personal care products, you’ll want to select a provider with scientifically formulated products.  By choosing products free of salicylates and other harmful ingredients, you will be better able to avoid allergic reactions and other salicylate-related issues.  Some members of the scientific community believe salicylic acid is linked to flare-ups of symptoms from fibromyalgia and similar conditions. 

Whatever your reaction, choosing the safest products will give you peace of mind that every member of your household can avoid issues associated with salicylate exposure.  When you visit, you’ll find a full line of salicylate free toothpaste as well as safe personal care products your whole family can use.  

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