Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Non-Toxic Nail Polish: Common Toxins in Traditional Nail Polish

Whether going for a manicure or doing your nails at home, it’s important to choose the safest products.  Common nail polish is formulated using chemicals, which can put your family at risk.  Before you buy nail polish from a popular brand, it’s important to check the labels in search of these hazardous ingredients.  Non-toxic nail polish is the best way of avoiding exposure to toxins without giving up the looks you love.

Why Should You Use Non-Toxic Nail Polish?

If you prefer natural personal care products, non-toxic nail polish is a must. The average polish contains chemicals like:
  • ·      Dibutyl Phthalates: A chemical linked to early puberty in girls, uterine problems in women, and testicular cancer in men.
  • ·      Toluene: A clear and colorless chemical found in paint thinner, explosives, and other dangerous products. 
  • ·      Formaldehyde: A chemical most often associated with embalming fluid, it has many dangerous health effects. 

Cleure Non-Toxic Nail Polish

When in search of the safest personal care products and non-toxic nail polish, Cleure has it all.  When you visit www.Cleure.com, you’ll have instant access to scientifically formulated products, which use only the safest ingredients.  Get the results you want without putting your family at risk.  

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