Saturday, April 21, 2012

Skincare for Sensitive Skin: How to Select the Right Products

For anyone with sensitive skin, finding the right skin care products can be frustrating. With the flood of personal care products claiming to provide the best results without irritating sensitivities, choosing the right ones can take time. Before you start experimenting with potentially harsh products, you’ll want to keep a few helpful tips in mind. Skincare for sensitive skin can help you nourish the skin and avoid irritation.

Choosing Skincare for Sensitive Skin

In addition to your choice in skincare for sensitive skin, it’s essential that a few lifestyle changes be made in order to avoid breakouts and other skin problems. Some things to remember during your daily routine are:

• Drink plenty of water - experts agree drinking water keeps your skin healthy and prevents tissues from dehydrating.
• Use sunscreen - too much sun exposure can cause premature aging of your skin, and increase the risk of skin cancer.  Always protect your skin from over exposure to the sun with a zinc oxide, titanium dioxide full spectrum sun block.
• Watch your diet; healthy eating promotes healthy skin - this sounds like common sense, but it takes discipline to maintain a healthy diet.  With practice, the benefits are many including the proper and healthy weight.
• Use fragrance-free - you may smell nice with products containing fragrance, but these ingredients can contain toxins that are not good for your sensitive skin nor for your health. 
• Use salicylate-free products - these synthetic and natural sourced ingredients are marketed for anti-aging and other skin problems, such as rosacea.  However, they can be highly irritating.

Choose Cleure Skincare for Sensitive Skin

When searching for effective skin care products, the most common mistake is going overboard with too many products. For sensitive skin, it’s best to go with natural products and use only what you need to clean and care for the skin. At, you’ll find a collection of scientifically formulated skincare for sensitive skin, which will soothe the skin and help you avoid irritation.

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