Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mineral Mascara for Tear Free Eyes

If you have sensitive eyes that tear every time you apply your favorite mascara, it may be due to an ingredient that is irritating your eyes. A moisturizing mineral mascara may be a better choice to help avoid tearing and to further prevent sensitivity. A safe mineral mascara can help beautify your lashes and keep them healthy.

Mascara is meant to help make your eyes darker, longer and thicker to frame your eyes and make them stand out and look more beautiful.

What's in Your Mascara?
Ancient Egyptian and Victorian women used mascara made of pigments from ash or coal.
Most mascaras contain certain basic ingredients, such as waxes, pigments and preservatives. However, some mascaras also contain irritating ingredients that can dry your lashes and make your eyes tear. To enhance waterproofing, plumping or making lashes appear thicker, certain polymers and turpentine may be used. Nylon or rayon microfibers may be used to lengthen your lashes. To stiffen the lashes, methyl cellulose is a commonly added or ceresin. Mercury can also be found in mascara as a preservative.

Water-resistant mascaras usually contain a chemical called dimethicone copolyol that keeps the mascara stick to your lashes, even when wet. These types of mascaras should not be used daily, but only for special occasions.

Stys and swollen eyelids are allergic reactions that have been usually attributed to parabens, aluminum powder or benzyl alcohol in mascara.

How Long to Keep Mascara
It's considered safe to use mascara within four to six months and then to dispose of it. Mascara does have the capability to grow bacteria and increase the risk for eye infection, specially if you re-use it for longer than the safe zone of within 4-6 months.

Mineral Mascara - the Best Mascara for Tear Free Eyes
Cleure Mineral Mascara helps moisturize your lashes as it makes them become beautiful and healthy. Only the safest ingredients are used for Cleure Mineral Mascara. You can find a full line of cosmetics, personal care and skin care that are paraben free and safe on the Cleure website.

How to Apply Mineral Mascara

* If you apply mascara too thick or without letting it dry between coats, it may result in a clumpy look.

* Apply mascara from root to tip for a more uniform look.

* Start with top lashes instead of the lower lashes, to prevent making the lower lashes too dark.

* Use the right color mascara for your coloring, for natural looking eyelashes.

* Blinking eyes immediately after applying mascara can cause smudging.

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