Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Salicylate Sensitivity: Products To Avoid

In your quest for the safest and most effective personal care products, you’ll find many on the market claiming safety and efficacy, which contain harsh chemicals and toxins. With a little research, you can figure out the products to avoid in order to prevent problems with salicylate sensitivity and other adverse reactions. The personal care market is saturated with false claims of natural ingredients, making it difficult for the average consumer to find the safest products. Many, if not most website retailers, do not even list all the ingredients, but only "key ingredients". Or they may show many images of plants as part of their "natural products" marketing. Of course, most of these plants are high in salicylates.

One reason for the high rise in salicylate sensitivity, may be the numerous plant ingredients, as extracts and essential oils, that are added to products for marketing.

As a wise consumer, you should shop very carefully when ingredients are not listed.

Salicylate Sensitivity and Cleure Personal Care Products

When you shop with www.Cleure.com, you’ll be able to tap into unparalleled expertise in scientifically proven formulas, which provide the best results without any adverse reactions. For those with salicylate sensitivity, it’s easy to avoid issues with flare-ups by choosing Cleure products. Often, products like cosmetics, moisturizers, cleansing products, and many others are formulated with salicylic acid.

Cleure gives you access to a full line of personal care products, with are free from salicyaltes and many other harmful ingredients. When you want to avoid problems with salicylate sensitivity, Cleure makes it easy. Discover products safe enough for the whole family, including dental care, cosmetics, hair care, and other personal care products at Cleure.

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