Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skin Care for Sensitive Skin: Tips for Avoiding Irritation

For sufferers of sensitive skin, the quest for effective and non-irritating skin care products can be frustrating. With so many products on the market being made with chemicals, pesticide sprayed herbs and other harsh ingredients, it’s important to find gentle solutions that will soothe the skin. Along with a regimen of natural skin care for sensitive skin, you can also include healthy habits at home.

How to Enhance the Affects of Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Along with choosing non-irritating skin care for sensitive skin, you can improve your skin’s health with a few simple tips. One way of avoiding problems with sensitivities is to limit bathing or washing time. Sensitive skin will only be more irritated when over-exposed to hot water and cleansers. Washing your face only once or twice daily will allow the natural oils to build up in order to ward off irritation. Another way of minimizing skin problems is by using fragrance free laundry detergents. This will limit exposure to irritants found in many detergents.

Fragrances and perfumes contain salicylates and formaldehyde. Not only can these cause sensitive skin, but they are also not without health issues. Doctors agree allergies can be the start of chronic illness. As multiple chemicals and other ingredients cause allergies, your immune system becomes more compromised. As health issues arise, your body's defense mechanism cannot cope or ward off illness.

The more you prevent serious allergies, the healthier you can maintain your body. Eating healthy foods, managing stress and using safe, gentle, non-irritating products for skin care, personal care and cosmetics are important keys to overall health.

Cleure Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

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