Friday, November 25, 2011

The Many Options in Cleure Natural Salicylate Free Makeup

Women are always in search of makeup that will enhance natural beauty and hide flaws. Today’s market is filled with options, making it difficult to know which ones will work best to achieve those goals. The natural products market is booming with goods that claim to feature only the safest ingredients. All too often, these natural products contain hidden dangers, making it necessary to understand the truth about the most common ingredients.

Why You Should Choose Cleure Salicylate Free Makeup

Cleure contains only safe and effective ingredients. Most other makeup manufacturers use at least some harsh chemicals and toxins that often do more harm than good. Some of these ingredients include:
• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
• Petrolatum
• Propylene Glycol
• Parabens
• Synthetic Colors
• Salicylic Acid
The line of Cleure salicylate free makeup gives you access to vegan, organic, and natural products, which nourish the skin from the inside out.

Popular Cleure Salicylate Free Makeup Options

When you visit, you’ll find a vast array of natural products for personal care needs. From dental care to skin care, you’ll find products your whole family will love. Cleure salicylate free makeup includes popular products like Mineral Rich Bronzer, Quad Shadow, Longlasting Lipstick, Total Cover Concealer, Loose Mineral Blush, and more. Visit Cleure today and find your way to safer products for the entire family.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Choose Salicylate Free Products for the Entire Family

The constant search for the safest and most effective products can leave many consumers confused. With so many choices and ingredients, it’s a good idea to become aware of the best options to keep your family safe and healthy. In many cases, common personal care and household products contain ingredients, to which a family member may have an unknown allergy or sensitivity. One such ingredient is salicylic acid. Found in pain killers, shampoo, skin care, dental care, and other common products, exposure to salicylic acid can be harmful to those with allergies. In order to avoid adverse reactions, it’s best to choose salicylate free products.

How Do You Find Salicylate Free Products?

Many creators of natural, organic, and vegan products will exclude salicylic acid from its ingredients. A simple Internet search can yield results of products for the entire family, all of which are salicylate free products. A visit to gives you access to a full inventory of products that are free of salicylic acid and many other potentially harmful ingredients.

The Many Options in Salicylate Free Products From Cleure

Cleure features products for the entire family. Cleure’s inventory of salicylate free products includes skin care, makeup, dental care, hair/body care, supplements, and more. Prevent possible reactions caused by salicylic acid sensitivity by choosing the natural product line you’ll find at Cleure.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Why You Should Use Salicylate Free Shampoo

All too often, consumer products are saturated with unnatural and potentially harmful ingredients. For many, the desire to enjoy a healthier lifestyle includes a quest for safe and natural personal care products. By choosing skin care, dental care, hair care, and makeup that is made without the use of harsh chemicals and toxins, you can have peace of mind that your family is safe. Salicylate free shampoo is one of many safe and healthy product choices for people in search of this natural approach to personal care.

Benefits of Salicylate Free Shampoo

Salicylates are plant acids that occur naturally. Although they come from nature, they are often manufactured synthetically for use in painkillers, skin care, shampoo, toothpaste, and other products. Many people have an unknown sensitivity or allergy to salicylate, which can lead to often-dangerous reactions with exposure. Salicylate free shampoo will eliminate the chance for sensitivity symptoms like skin rash, difficulty breathing, sudden drop in blood pressure, swelling of extremities, and more.

Cleure Salicylate Free Shampoo

In addition to being free from salicylates, the shampoo at Cleure is made with only safe non-irritating, and vegan ingredients. When you visit, you’ll find healthy hair care products, dental care, skin care, makeup, and more. Find your way to a healthier lifestyle with Cleure.

Use Salicylate Free Toothpaste For Relief

Found naturally in plants, salicylate is a common ingredient in products like pain relievers, mouthwash, skin care, and toothpaste. For many people, problems can arise with the use of these products because of an allergy or sensitivity to salicylate. By changing to products that do not contain this ingredient, you can avoid the symptoms that come with this sensitivity. Salicylate free toothpaste will help you find relief from the most common symptoms of salicylate sensitivity.

Salicylate Free Toothpaste: The Most Common Symptoms of Sensitivity

When using products that contain salicylate, many people experience symptoms like:
• Difficulty Breathing
• Swelling of Hands, Face, and Feet
• Skin Rash
• Headaches
• Stomach Pain
• Nasal Congestion
In more severe cases, these reactions may include sudden changes in blood pressure and other life-threatening conditions.

This is especially important for children. With daily use of toothpaste with mint, for example, children could develop salicylate sensitivity or allergies.

Choose Cleure Salicylate Free Toothpaste

If you’re ready to make the switch to a safer line of personal care products, visit You’ll find natural and safe salicylate free toothpaste as well as skin care products, makeup, and much more that don’t contain this or any other harmful ingredients. Visit Cleure today and find your way to safe and natural products for the whole family.

Salicylate Sensitivity: Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

Salicylate Sensitivity: Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

Salicylates refer to a group of analgesics that are often found in aspirin and other pain relievers. Naturally occurring in many plants and foods, salicylate sensitivity can come on quite unexpectedly. In addition to being a common ingredient in pain relievers, salicylate is also found in skin care products. Acne treatments, cleansers, makeup, and many other personal care products may contain the chemical, which is also made synthetically.

Which Skin Care Products May Cause Salicylate Sensitivity?

Some personal care products that may contain salicylate acid or other forms of the compound include:
• Acne Products
• Bubble Baths
• Shampoos and Conditioners
• Shaving Cream
• Skin Cleansers
• Soaps
If you suffer from salicylate sensitivity, you’ll want to shop for skin care products that are free from this ingredient. Although many people can use these products with no adverse reaction, a person with an allergy can face symptoms like difficulty breathing, swelling of extremities, skin rash, and many others.

However, with continued long term use, anyone may develop salicylate sensitivity. Salicylates may be found as salicylic acid, or may be hidden in other unsuspecting common terms. According to Paul St. Amand, M.D., salicylates are found in:

  • Oils, gels or extracts containing a plant name

  • In sunscreens, avoid ingredients with homosalate, meroxyl, meradimate

  • Mint, menthol, menthyl

  • Camphor, balsam, pygnogenol, bisabol

  • Bioflavinoids

  • Salicylate Sensitivity: Why Choose Cleure Products?
    When you visit, you’ll find an inventory of safe and natural skin care products, all of which are salicylate free. Cleure acne treatments, sensitive skin care products, and many other personal care items are all natural and safe. Start shopping today and nourish your skin with Cleure.

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Sensitive Skin Type and What to do About it

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology, approximately 50 percent of patients have some form of sensitive skin type.

    Sensitive skin type symptoms include:

  • Acne prone - acne is usually caused by skin that accumulates oil and bacteria. Treatment for acne may include antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil and retinoids. Long term use of all of these may be a problem with side effects.

  • Rosacea - flushed face, pimples and broken blood vessels are some of the symptoms associated with rosacea. Although the cause is not totally known, it may be due to bacteria, genetics, and blood vessel problems. Safe anti inflammatory ingredients work well for managing rosacea. Acidic ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids(AHA)are acidic and may cause stinging.

  • Burning and stinging skin - the reason why burning and stinging occurs is not known, and scientific research has not concluded any reason for these either. However, avoiding irritating ingredients may help decrease burning and stinging.

  • Skin rashes, - skin rashes usually occur due to an allergic reaction to a specific ingredient. Fragrance, certain preservatives, formaldehyde,essential oils and plant extracts.

  • Help for Sensitive Skin Type
    The best help for sensitive skin type is using non irritating products. Cleure sensitive skin care products has
    a complete line sensitive skin type products including skin care, hair & body care, dental care and makeup.

    Understanding Salicylate Sensitivity Symptoms & Treatment

    The growing concern for the environment and the harmful aspects of exposure to certain chemicals has transformed the personal care market. More consumers worldwide actively seek out safe and natural skin care products, dental health items, and other personal care essentials. For many, the need for natural, chemical-safe products is an important part of avoiding allergic reactions to certain common ingredients. Many personal care products contain salicylic acid, to which many people are allergic. This makes it necessary to understand salicylate sensitivity symptoms and treatment.

    What Are the Main Salicylate Sensitivity Symptoms?

    Salicylic acid is found in products like aspirin, mouthwash, skin care, toothpaste, and many other personal care products. Salicylate sensitivity symptoms can range from mild to severe, and are often life threatening. Some of the less serious symptoms of salicylic acid sensitivity include headaches, stomach pain, swelling of extremities, nasal congestion, skin rash, and many others.

    Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it's in Aspirin like products. This is also why many skin care products, especially high end ones, add it. It really does not make sense to use an anti flammatory ingredient on an on-going bases.

    Salicylic acid is also a component of many herbs. Mint has one of the highest percentages of salicylate. If you're using several products daily that contain salicylic acid and salicylates, you may be at risk for salicylate sensitivity.

    How to You Avoid Salicylate Sensitivity Symptoms?

    The only way to truly treat the problems associated with salicylate sensitivity symptoms is to avoid exposure altogether. When you visit, you’ll find a full inventory of personal care products that are free from salicylic acid and many other harmful ingredients. Visit Cleure today and find your way to safe and natural personal care essentials.

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    Choose SLS Free Toothpaste For Kids

    As a parent, you’ll be focused on using the safest and healthiest products for your children. From a healthy diet to the best in personal care, your child should only be exposed to items that are truly safe for kids. Adult toothpaste, shampoos, and other personal care products all too often contain harsh and harmful ingredients. When you’re in search of toothpaste that is both effective and safe, consider SLS free toothpaste for the whole family.

    What Makes SLS Free Toothpaste Safer For Children?

    Traditional toothpaste contains many harsh ingredients, including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS. The typical children’s toothpaste focuses more on packaging and sweet flavors than efficacy, which makes them less useful than natural alternatives from Cleure. SLS free toothpaste from Cleure is both natural and effective, plus it is safe enough to swallow. Your kids will love the flavors and you will love the fact that it’s safe for the whole family.

    Why Choose Cleure Safe SLS Free Toothpaste?
    Following brushing, children tend to swallow more toothpaste than spit. This may be harmful, specially if your child's toothpaste contains harmful ingredients. Potentially toxic ingredients in most toothpaste include:

  • SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)

  • Fluoride

  • Saccharine

  • Since toothpaste is used daily, it makes sense to use a toothpaste for your child that is safe, even if swallowed.

    Choose Safe

    When you visit, you’ll find a wide variety of SLS free toothpaste with flavors your kids will love, including Cinnamon and Cranberry. When it comes to safe and natural, you can’t beat the product selection you’ll find at Cleure.

    Anti Aging Tips for Youthful, Healthy Life

    Anti Aging Tips for Youthful, Healthy Life

    There are many myths about how to stay younger longer. The anti aging tips below will help open your eyes that it's really up to you how good you feel and look as you age. Follow these anti aging tips and practice them to outwit aging.

    Anti Aging Diet
    Anti aging research has found certain foods to be beneficial to reversing or slowing aging. You may have heard of "free radicals". These molecules have been shown to be the precursor of illness such as heart disease, cancer osteoporosis and Alzheimer's. There are certain anti aging foods that combat the production of free radicals.

  • Antioxidants - these are rich in Vitamins A, C and E.

  • Anti-inflammatory foods - fish, dark colored fruits and vegetables are some examples of anti-inflammatory foods.

  • Whole grains help to lower blood cholesterol.

  • Yogurt contains probiotics with healthy bacteria for the intestines.

  • Water is very important to keep all the tissues and organs hydrated.

  • What contributes to aging include stress, hormones, excessive sun exposure, and weakened immune system. However, a balanced lifestyle of having fun and interested activity is very important towards keeping your energy and youthfulness.

    Outer Beauty
    Taking care of yourself as you age, also means taking care of outer beauty. A safe hypoallergenic brand of skin care is helpful. Cleure Sensitive Skin Care products has hypoallergenic, safe skin care and personal care products. You can enjoy beauty at any age with Cleure Total Cover Concealer, foundation, anti aging Eye Repair Gel and other products.

    Sensitive Skin Care Products are for All Skin Types

    Mom & Baby

    True sensitive skin care products should do well for all skin types. It's not unusual to find several lines of skin care per brand based on different 'skin types'. These can include oily, dry, combination, acne prone or aging. But is this necessary or is it a clever way to market different products to you? Sensitive skin care products work well for all skin types.

    We've been told to maintain health and prevent disease in our body, it's important to do certain things. A healthy lifestyle includes exercising, eating a balanced nutritious diet and managing stress. We're not told to eat certain foods based on our 'type', although for a while this was a fleeting fad option.

    Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It too requires certain things to maintain health and youthfulness. Besides the general healthy lifestyle guidelines listed above, your skin needs other essentials that fit all skin types:

    1. Your skin has a natural life cycle. Skin sheds dead cells and generates new cells daily. The dead cells need to be removed or as they accumulate on the skin or get mixed with dirt and oil, your skin will begin to appear drab, dull and unhealthy. You may even develop what is called an 'acne prone skin'. It's therefore very important to remove dead cells gently, without harsh abrasives, from the outer layer of your skin on a regular bases. A non-abrasive scrub used 2 to 3 times per week, can accomplish this beautifully.

    2. Kaolin Clay: Facial mask helps further to gently exfoliate and deep cleans the skin. For sensitive skin, mask with kaolin clay is best. It helps stimulate circulation leaving your skin revitalized, smooth and silky, without drying.

    3. Dead Sea Mud: Another important ingredient to look for in a facial mask is Dead Sea Mud. Rich in antioxidants, Dead Sea Mud helps protect against aging by feeding your skin important nutrients. The Dead Sea is high in mineral salt content. As water evaporates due to heat, the minerals get absorbed into the mud. The mud is then purified and packed within facial masks. This ingredient is excellent for treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema, and most skin conditions. It also tends to moisturize and helps hydrate the skin naturally.

    4. Fruit Acids: We often hear about the pH of the skin. Just what is the pH and why is it important? Skin has a normal pH of 4 to 5.5, which in the scale of pH means it is acidic. Your skin has a natural protective layer of oils, which are acidic, called the acid mantle. The purpose for this layer is to protect your outer skin layer from infection and harmful bacteria. If it is disturbed or stripped, bacteria can attack the skin causing rashes, acne, and other skin conditions. Alkaline soaps, detergents,harsh skin care products and cleansers are the main way to strip the outer acid mantle of your skin.

    Although the word 'acid' as an ingredient sounds harmful, there are safe acids such as fruit acids, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid or Ascorbic Acid, that can help protect this outer acid mantle layer and rejuvenate your skin. When applied through a facial mask or other appropriate product in the right amount, fruit acids can improve skin texture and may also reduce fine lines, acne scaring and uneven skin tone. Blackheads can also be reduced or removed with fruit acids.

    5. Shea Butter: Moisturizing without clogging pores is important. Pure 100% Shea Butter
    hydrates, has natural sunscreen, and anti-aging benefits.

    How to Maintain Healthy, Youthful Skin

  • Avoid using soaps or cleansers with irritating ingredients

  • Protect your skin when exposed to the sun

  • Use pH balanced skin products and focus on the ingredients listed above

  • Cleure sensitive skin care products are created to bring 'balance' to to your skin. Our Cleanser and Toner clean and balance the pH without leaving your skin dry. Cleure Exfoliating Scrub removes dead cells without stripping your skin and irritating it. Cleure Refining Mask adds nutrients to your skin to make it silky smooth with Kaolin Clay and Dead Sea Mud. Our Day Cream adds moisture for day time with 100% Pure Shea Butter, our Night Cream with Alpha Lipoic Acid is for aging skin that requires deeper levels of hydration.

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    Homemade Facial Mask and Scrub

    Since ancient times facial masks and scrubs have been used to revitalize and beautify skin. The ancients made homemade natural facial masks with fruits, mud and other sources. They used any grainy or acid like natural ingredients, such as sugar or lemon juice to make homemade natural facial scrub. Today you could even make your own homemade face mask or scrub, but it's easier to purchase a natural facial mask or scrub that is effective, rather than making it yourself. Usually, people go to a spa to get an expensive facial that includes a scrub and mask, only to return home with very irritated skin.

    Benefits of facial mask should include helping to prevent premature aging, improve your skin's health, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Most importantly, they should not irritate your skin.

    Important Ingredients of Facial Mask for Dry Sensitive Skin
    There are certain ingredients that are important for facial mask and facial scrub, specially of you have dry sensitive skin. Your mask should add needed moisturizing and therefore hydrate your skin. It should also add needed nutrients, detoxify, and not irritate your delicate skin. The facial scrub should use non irritating and not abrasive ingredients. Your scrub should be gentle as it deep cleans your skin.

    Some important ingredients include:
    Kaolin clay is mildly disinfecting, therefore helps deep clean pores and impurities.
    Dead sea mud adds natural minerals to your skin.
    Fruit acids boost your skin's resilience, reduce appearance of skin.
    Fine pumice in facial scrub is excellent for removing dead cells, without abrasives.

    Facial masks can revitalize, heal and refresh dry sensitive skin. For dry sensitive skin, a facial mask specially formulated for dry skin is more helpful. You should use your facial mask for sensitive skin no more than once a week. A facial scrub should also be used no more than weekly, unless you have acne. Once the acne clears up, use it no more than once per week.

    Best Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin, Best Natural Facial Mask
    At Cleure we feel you can be beautiful without using irritating products and suffering the consequences. With a weekly application of Cleure Mask, your skin will feel silky smooth and healthy. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is important, including what you eat and how you manage stress.

    With regular use of the right mask, your dry sensitive skin should see the following benefits:
    Kaolin clay for silky smooth feel to your skin
    Dead sea mud to add minerals and nutrients for healthy glow about your skin
    MFA complex (natural fruit acids) for younger looking skin
    Revitalize Facial Mask for Sensitive Skin

    Best Dry Sensitive Skin Mask
    For a sensitive skin mask to be effective it should include:

    Ability to detoxify skin
    Add vital nutrients to help even skin tone
    Helps with acne skin, rosacea and dry skin
    Helps improve skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema

    Cleure Refining Mask includes the following benefits:

    Blend of kaolin, dead sea mud and fruit acid complex boost your skin's resilience
    Helps reduce appearance of pores, leaving your skin perfectly clean and refined
    Reduce the appearance of pores, leaving your skin perfectly clean, refined, silky smooth and kissable
    Kaolin clay is high in calcium and is beneficial for oily and blemished skin. The clay is mildly drying and a disinfectant. It deep cleanses and refines skin. Dead sea mud feeds your skin with natural minerals that help clean by removing dead cells, rejuvenates the skin by improving circulation. Fruit acids act as an anti-aging ingredient.
    Cleure Refining Mask is clearly the best mask for sensitive skin with beautiful results.

    For radiant, healthy, youthful skin, use Cleure Scrub and Mask regularly.

    Common Symptoms of Salicylic Acid Allergy

    Experiencing allergic reactions can be difficult and often life threatening. No matter what your allergies, it’s important to recognize the symptoms in order to avoid more serious reactions. Salicylic acid allergy has become more common, with many household and personal care items having the chemical as an ingredient. Before you find yourself or a loved one in the midst of a serious allergic reaction, you’ll want to know the symptoms so you can take appropriate action.

    How to Recognize Salicylic Acid Allergy

    Salicylates are a naturally occurring hormone in plant life. They are often synthetically manufactured as chemicals to be added to products like pain killers, personal care items, and some foods. Products like ibuprofen, fruits, and skin care products may contain the chemical.

    Salicylic acid allergy is characterized by symptoms like:
    • Nasal Congestion
    • Wheezing
    • Trouble Breathing
    • Hives
    • Itchy Skin
    • Rashes
    • Stomach Ache
    • Swelling of the Face, Hands, and Feet

    Some more serious reactions may include:
    • Drastic Drops in Blood Pressure
    • Loss of Consciousness
    • Organ Failure

    Use Cleure Safe Products to Avoid Salicylic Acid Allergy

    When you visit, you’ll find a full inventory of non-irritating, safe personal care products and more. When you’re searching for the best skin care for sensitive skin or salicylic acid allergy, you can count on Cleure.

    Salicylic Acid Sensitivity: Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

    Many personal care products on the market today contain ingredients that may do more harm than good. When you have acne or some other skin condition, finding the right skin care products can be quite a challenge. Salicylic Acid is one of the many often harmful ingredients found in skin care products today. Many users suffer from Salicylic Acid sensitivity, which can lead to various reactions, making it even more important to find the right skin care products.

    Main Symptoms of Salicylic Acid Sensitivity

    Salicylates occur naturally in many plants and are used in pain relievers and many health/beauty products. Salicylic Acid sensitivity is marked by many conditions, which include:
    • Headaches
    • Nasal Congestion
    • Stomach Pain
    • Itching or Skin Rash
    • Swelling of Hands, Feet, and Face
    • Changes in Skin Color
    Some more severe reactions can lead to life-threatening problems like a severe drop in blood pressure or organ system failure.

    Do You Have Salicylic Acid Sensitivity? Choose Cleure Natural Skin Care Products

    When you visit, you’ll find natural and safe skin care products that are free of Salicylic Acid and many other harmful ingredients. Acne treatments, anti-aging products, and sensitive skin care products from Cleure will nourish your skin and help you avoid the problems of Salicylic Acid sensitivity.

    Friday, November 4, 2011

    Sensitive Oily Skin Care to Balance Your Skin

    Whether you have acne, combination skin, or you want to fight the signs of aging, choosing the right skin care products is key. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones offer the most benefits. Most skin care products have claims of amazing results, but rarely deliver. Choosing sensitive oily skin care products from Cleure allows you to give your skin the ultimate benefits, which will take care of any skin problems you have.

    What Are the Benefits of Cleure Sensitive Oily Skin Care?

    The many products you’ll find at have benefits that will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but also its overall health. Because we use only natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about the affects of harsh chemicals found in most other skin care products. The line of Cleure sensitive oily skin care is free of:
    • Salicylate
    • Gluten
    • Paraben
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
    • And Other Harmful Ingredients
    When you choose Cleure, you’ll be giving your skin the nourishment of anti-oxidants and other natural ingredients.

    The Options In Cleure Sensitive Oily Skin Care

    Cleure gives you many options to soothe and replenish your skin. Achieve a youthful glow and eliminate painful skin conditions with products like Day Cream, Night Cream, Purifying Light Lotion, and many others. When you choose Cleure sensitive oily skin care, your skin will look and feel better than ever.

    Mineral Mascara - The Right Choice for Sensitive Skin

    Many people are suffering with sensitive skin and can no longer use their favorite mascara or other makeup. Mineral mascara and mineral makeup in general, is a safer choice to so called 'natural' mascara with herbal ingredients.

    If you can't use your favorite brand of mascara or other makeup without your eyes watering or your skin breaking out, you have sensitive skin. You could have developed sensitivity due to years of using irritating ingredients. Although there are other causes of sensitive skin, daily use of irritating, harsh ingredients may be one cause. Most people don't realize so called natural ingredients are commonly one of the enemies to healthy skin. These 'natural' ingredients, as in natural mascara, may contain pesticides, harsh preservatives and side effects due to herbal extracts and essential oils.

    Minerals are natural without the side effects of herbal ingredients. Drugs come from herbs and most if not all, herbal extracts and essential oils from herbs have some form of side effects.

    With Cleure you can be beautiful without concern of such ingredients. We focus on the mildest, safest non irritating formulas . Although, some skin problems may be due to other factors that also need to be addressed, we do our part in providing safe gentle products to help make it easier to find the cause and treat your skin problems.

    We feel you can be beautiful without toxins. You deserve it.