Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Using Aluminum Free Deodorant is Safer

The personal care market is filled with product alternatives claiming to yield the highest benefits. In order to truly find the best products for your needs and those of your family, it’s important to arm yourself with insight into the realities of common ingredients in skin care, dental care, deodorant, and other personal care items. Aluminum is found in most deodorants, leaving the average consumer feeling as though it must be harmless. In reality, the use of aluminum free deodorant can prevent many adverse reactions that are seen with prolonged exposure to aluminum.

Common Reaction to Non Aluminum Free Deodorant

Aluminum is considered by many in the scientific community to be a neurotoxin, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurological disorders. Even though some people believe this to be untrue, it is still considered safer to use an aluminum free deodorant. By choosing Cleure natural deodorant, you will eliminate the possibility that aluminum could lead to neurological problems or other adverse reactions.

Cleure Aluminum Free Deodorant

When you visit, you’ll find a vast array of natural personal care products including aluminum free deodorant. Cleure Natural Mineral Deodorant is a blend of mineral salts, which gives you 24-hour protection. Discover a healthier approach to personal care at Cleure.

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